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Let’s be honest – moving can get quite expensive. There are so many big and small expenses – as well as the hidden ones – to worry about! This is why so many people rather choose not to move and live without catching that one opportunity that would have changed their life! But what if we tell you that you don’t need to be so afraid? What if there are ways to save money when moving house? All it really takes is to be realistic, create a smart budget and be ready for a couple of sacrifices and compromises! Sometimes, all it takes is getting a good moving company like Golan’s Moving & Storage to help! In this article, we take a look at the ways in which you can come on top when it comes to budgeting for your upcoming relocation!

Save money when moving house before moving even starts!

When we talk about saving your money on the moving process, we usually look at the things that happen before the move, and after it. However, the majority of the money-saving solutions will happen before that moving day arrives! This is why our focus today will be on these:

  1. remove the clutter to save money when moving house;
  2. get a good moving company;
  3. think about the moving date;
  4. be smart when picking the moving boxes Chicago;
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There are a lot of ways to save money when moving house!

Clutter is the biggest adversary

One of the first things you need to do when you know you are moving is to declutter your home. The biggest expense of every move will probably go on having to transport your items and furniture. Having fewer items for your movers to work with means you are paying less – and gaining more time for other tasks.

So, around two months before your moving day, go through your items and think about what you want with you in your new home. Everything that’s broken or unneeded needs to stay. This is the perfect time to create a garage sale and even earn some money by selling the stuff you will not move! By getting rid of them, you are not only reducing the packing services costs! In this way, you will need fewer moving boxes, so again, you are saving money and time in this way as well!

Avoid clutter to collect some coins!

We feel that we should especially stress on how much time you will save when getting rid of clutter. Packing is usually the longest task in the moving process. So, by having fewer items to pack, you will be saving yourself quite a lot of time. This time is valuable because you can spend it with your family or friends, or doing other moving chores more thoroughly. This way, you will get a satisfying moving experience with a little effort!

The moving company can be a huge factor in the budgeting process!

One of the biggest factors in your budget is the moving company. However, there is a wrong opinion that you need to ditch professional movers if you want to save money when moving house. This is very, very wrong – and there are multiple reasons for it.

Yes, it is true that you will be paying your movers their moving estimate Chicago. However, this is an investment well spent! You can get the movers to pack up your items while you take care of other chores. Or, you can call us for logistics, so nothing can go awry during your move. This is especially important if you are moving for the first time! Having professionals there will help you a lot!

Of course, another huge reason to hire professionals is so nothing can happen to your items. If you are moving by yourself, and something breaks, it’s up to you to fix it. This can often cost way more than the moving costs with a company. On the other hand, having professionals means you are securing yourself against damages!

Set the date to save money when moving house

Another important factor that will influence moving costs is the moving date. If you are smart about setting it, you can save money when moving house by quite a lot. There are a couple of things you need to figure out.

First, you should always look to avoid peak seasons for the move. At this time, residential movers Chicago will have fewer clients to work with, so they will be prone to letting you negotiate the costs of the move – as well as lowering their prices. When it comes to picking the month, the peak season is usually from April to October, with a sliding margin based on the part of the country. Basically, people like moving in nice weather. So, you can get a good deal by avoiding it.

Picking the right date can save you a lot of dollars!

The same goes for holidays and weekends. People like moving when they have free time – and if you can afford to move during a workday, do it. Here we come to the second part of your dilemma. You should consider if it pays more to work and then move during a weekend, or to take a day off and move then. Decide this when setting up your moving date.

Moving materials can help you avoid unwanted expenses

Finally, we have the moving materials to consider. Usually, these can cost a lot of money depending on how much you are moving, and the quality you are looking for. You might also spend a lot of time just searching for them. However, there are a lot of options online for finding free moving boxes, if you don’t want to call your movers about them. Explore these to further save money when moving house.

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