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Everybody wants to feel safe, no matter what they are doing. Moving is listed as the third most stressful event in life, so you might as well feel safe while doing it. Moving bulky furniture will make you feel anything but that, especially when doing it without the help of skilled moving companies in Chicago. One way to make moving heavy furniture less scary is to take it apart, as much as possible. This way you will take more trips to the moving van, but at least you won’t risk injuring your back, damaging your walls, and scratching the furniture pieces. In this article, we will teach you how to safely disassemble furniture before the move.

What tools and supplies do you need to disassemble furniture before the move?

Like every job, furniture disassembly takes more than knowledge to do. Luckily, knowledge is easily accessible online, leaving you with the need for tools and supplies, like a:

  • Spanner
  • Screwdriver – we recommend using the ones with changeable heads
  • Allan key
  • Wrench
  • Hammer
  • Pack of Ziplock bags

Another way to obtain both the tools and the knowledge is to hire some furniture movers Chicago. They will also do the job faster than the average person.

Picture of tools
You can likely disassemble furniture before the move by watching videos

Think about the type of furniture that you need to move

Every furniture piece is made in a specific way, but there are furniture types that have some general guidelines that you can follow. After reading the furniture disassembly tips from our residential movers Chicago, you will be close to being a professional yourself.


The favorite place of many people, the bed is a time-consuming furniture piece to disassemble. The first thing you need to do is remove any pillows, blankets, sheets, and drawer contents and pack them separately. Next, you need to take off the headboard and sideboards, followed by as many pieces as possible. Wrap the bigger pieces in moving blankets, while wrapping the smaller ones in bubble wrap. And don’t forget to pack the screws in labeled Ziplock bags!

Sofas and couches are soft opponents

There isn’t much you can take off of a sofa, but you should start with the pillows. Next, remove the legs, armrests, and anything else that can be taken apart. Wrap each separate piece in a moving blanket.

Tables and desks

Empty and remove any existing drawers, before removing any glass elements. We all know how fragile glass is, so our packing services Chicago providers recommend going heavy on the wrapping material for these parts. Next, detach the legs, and wrap them in bubble wrap or moving blankets.

Wardrobe disassembly is very straightforward

When it comes to wardrobes and dressers, obviously you will have to empty them first and remove any drawers. Second, come the doors, and after you just need to follow the screws. You will easily take it apart piece by piece, but you should take pictures and label the boards before you start anything. It will be easy to confuse them afterward since the majority look the same.

Picture of an empty wardrobe ready for you to disassemble furniture before the move
You need to take pictures to be able to put the furniture back together

You should always take safety precautions

To disassemble furniture before the move looks simple, and like nothing can go wrong, but you should always take precautions. You should wear protective footwear and gloves, especially when dealing with large furniture pieces. Moving-day injuries can happen in a second, and you will feel the consequences for days to come.

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