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When creating a collection of antiques, the last thing on your mind is moving them. We all know how uncertain a move can be. Often, even the less fragile items end up broken or damaged. Maybe you have a bad previous experience and just the thought of moving terrifies you. But what has to be done, has to be done. Since you likely don’t want to leave your collection behind, you have to get over your fear and find a way to move them. One of the most secure ways to move any fragile items is to hire some professional movers Chicago. But many people refuse to do this for various reasons, so we will teach you how to relocate your collection of antiques.

How to relocate your collection of antiques without damaging them?

Antiques are often fragile, unique, expensive, and irreplaceable items. Apart from the fact that you probably paid a fortune for them, you likely also have feeling towards it. This only makes it more mandatory to protect them. If you want to relocate your collection of antiques without the help of some long distance movers Chicago, you will have to:

  • Get your items appraised
  • Get insurance
  • Clean and pack items using high-quality packing materials
  • Make an inventory
Picture of antique books
When you relocate your collection of antiques, you need to be careful

Get your items appraised

Since we are talking about items of high value. getting them appraised is a logical thing to do. This will give you a documented value of all your belongings and their condition. This can be further used for getting insurance, which is another must when moving this type of item.


Getting insurance is always a smart thing to do when moving, but now it is more important than ever. Never assume what it covers, simply ask. They will be happy to answer all of your questions. For high-value items, full-value protection insurance is the best. In case of something happening, you will either get your item repaired, get a new one or get the full value of the item back in money. But that shouldn’t stop you from using some moving boxes Chicago. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Clean and pack in high-quality packing materials

When moving antiques, some packing supplies Chicago are a must. You shouldn’t try to save money, because the damage to your items will turn out more expensive. Bubble wrap and packing paper will be your best friends in this journey. Big amounts of it. But before you pack, you need to clean your antiques. Make sure to use specialized cleaners for the materials that items are made of. Your best way to learn about this is to find books on the topic or ask in your local antique store.

Make an inventory

An inventory will give you an idea of everything you own, so it should be done for all items, not just antiques. In the process of making it, you can decide which items stay and which come with you. Certain items are better off transported in your car than in the moving truck. Some items movers won’t even accept to transport, so keep that in mind.

Picture of a couple making an inventory before they relocate your collection of antiques
An inventory will give you an idea of everything you own

Antiques are items that should enjoy the highest form of protection. By protecting your items, you also protect your emotions. You will greatly diminish the chance of heartbreak post-move when relocate your collection of antiques the right way. We wish you good luck!

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