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Many people don’t like running, but the few that do are usually very passionate about it. Even though running outside is great, sometimes the weather just doesn’t allow it. And since working out is a habit that is so easy to fall out of, getting a few days to break is dangerous. That’s why many people decide on buying a treadmill so that they can always run in the comfort of their home. If you are a proud owner of a treadmill, then you are probably worried now that you have to move. Since you also need to relocate a treadmill, you might be thinking about hiring some professional movers Chicago. While it is the most convenient decision, sometimes it is not possible. We will try to give you a few tips, in case you decide to do it yourself.

How to relocate a treadmill?

A treadmill is a heavy, oddly shaped item that is quite an investment. Since you cannot pack it into some moving boxes Chicago, how exactly are you supposed to relocate a treadmill? You can start by:

  • Checking the manual
  • Unplugging it and rolling it
  • Folding or disassembling it
Picture of a person running before relocate a treadmill
A treadmill is a specialty item

Check the manual

There is a reason why every household appliance comes with a manual. Even though most things seem obvious, moving is not something that is done often with a treadmill. Many people even give up on moving such items altogether because it seems too difficult. If you decide to do it, the manual should be the first thing you check. In case you don’t keep it like many people don’t, you can easily find a copy online. There you can find the answers to the majority of your following questions.

Unplug and roll

This one is obvious, but when you have a bunch of packing supplies Chicago laying around, it can be easy to oversee it. Unplugging the treadmill should be the first thing on your to-do list before you proceed with anything else. Next, you should roll the treadmill as far away as you can on the same level. When you get to the stairs, you should make the next step.

Fold or disassemble

You can fold certain treadmills in half, making it very convenient to move them. The heavier bottom part folds upwards, or vice versa, giving you a much smaller item that is easier to pack and secure in the moving van of some local movers Chicago. If you are not lucky to own this type of treadmill, the other types can be taken apart, which you can learn more about in the manual.

Picture of tools
If you want to relocate a treadmill, you might have to take it apart

When you think about how to relocate a treadmill, keep in mind that you will need time to do it. And sometimes it is normal to admit that you need help. Full-service movers are there to help you if you need help, they are just a call away. We wish you good luck and a successful move!

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