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There are several ways to protect your walls and doors during a move. For starters, you can find some really nice covers and cover your walls and doors. This will help you protect them from some things. However, this is also a really useful tactic if you decide to paint your ceiling or your walls. That way, all the extra paint will not splash on your walls and they will remain perfect. In any case, when it comes to moving and relocating, other things can happen. You can, for instance, damage your walls, peel off the paint, or even ruin the look of your rooms. This is not a good idea, especially if you wish to sell your home after you move out. Thus, here at Golan’s Moving and Storage, we have decided to help you out with this a bit. Feel free to check out our guide!

Why is it important to protect your walls and doors during a move?

When it comes to moving and relocating, you need to do good preparation for it. Otherwise, you might not like what might happen. In this particular case, you might want to cover your walls and remove your doors during your relocation. We have already mentioned one of the important things when this is concerned. But, you should also know that it works as well as when you are moving in. After all, you do not wish to relocate to an apartment that has bad walls or doors, right? So, make sure that you protect both parts of your home when you are moving in.

A open door
You can damage the paint on your doors if you are not careful

The key reason why this is important is actually that you will have a smoother relocation. Even more, you will not have to worry about some additional things (walls and doors, in this case). Some items are very heavy and bulky. You might damage them on your walls, or you might not be able to get them through doors. Or even, your door can close due to the draft and it might cause you to drop and break your items. Of course, this is something you would really want to avoid. So, for this reason, you should make sure that your walls and doors are protected during your relocation. You can ask the best local movers Chicago offers, and they will tell you the same.

Some easy ways to do it

It does not matter if you are moving to Chicago, New York City, or anywhere else – you will end up using our tips and tricks when this is concerned. The goal is to have a safe and smooth relocation. Sometimes, your walls might get in the way. However, how does one move walls in order to prevent that? The answer is simple: you do not move your walls, you cover them if needed. In case you need to carry your items through a narrow hallway or something, a good idea would be to add some padding to your walls. That way, even if something does not go according to plan, the padding can imbibe the force from the impact. This would mean that both your items and your walls will remain in the same condition.

A white brick wall
The same goes for your walls as well

Yet another good idea would be to take out your doors from the hinges while you are relocating. This will also help you out when you are carrying big and bulky items. Even more, it will help you out with some items that require you to be precise. We have mentioned that a simple draft can hinder your relocation. You can end up dropping your fine china cabinet due to that, and then you will have big problems. Another good idea would be to get professional boxes with additional padding. So, find the best moving boxes Chicago has to offer if you are doing a big relocation.

Are there other ways to protect your walls and doors during a move?

When it comes to relocation, you should know that it is not the cleanest of processes. So, dirt, dust, and other things can be present. You certainly do not want any of those on your doors and your walls. So, you should make sure that you cover, at least, those parts of walls that are close to the dirty items. In case you are moving something from your garage into your home, a good trick would be to clean those items before you bring them inside. However, if it is raining, or if moving conditions are not as good as they should be, then you need to improvise. Covering the entire place with something you do not mind getting dirty is the key to this.

Professional movers
Hiring professional movers is a good idea

Yet another thing you should consider would be covering your floor. Once again, you might end up dragging some really heavy items over your floors. This can cause scratches and damage. Even more, if the items came inside directly from a storage unit or from a moving truck, then you will have dirt issues. Thus, covering your floors is a really good idea. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Covering the floors with plastic sheets. Usually, this is a good idea. The plastic will provide less friction and it will make it easier to drag something without damaging the floor.
  • Using towels close to the door. Unless you find some of the finest furniture movers Chicago offers, you will have issues with dirt. Use towels to prevent that.
  • Remember to clean everything after you are done. It goes without saying, but you should clean everything before you are done with your relocation.

Final thoughts about this one

Overall, you definitely need to protect your walls and doors during a move. You might want to protect your walls from friction, damage, dirt, but you also might need to protect your items from your walls. It might sound silly, but in some narrow passages, you might hit a wall and drop whatever you are carrying. So, you should plan carefully when this is concerned. Good luck, in any case!

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