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There is likely no home that doesn’t have at least one mirror. While they are useful, they also add a certain look to your home. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they are so popular that there even is a whole Feng Shui chapter dedicated to mirrors. But when you start your collection of mirrors, you likely don’t think about moving them one day. But now that the day has come, you probably wonder how to protect your mirrors when relocating. One way is to hire some professional movers Chicago. The other way is to do it yourself, which you can do by reading the following tips.

How can you protect your mirrors when relocating?

Mirrors are extremely fragile items that need a lot of protection during a move. And we all know how risky moving is, with so many unexpected things that can happen. If you don’t protect your mirrors when relocating the right way, one bump in the road can mean the end of them. Luckily, when you move using some moving boxes Chicago, your mirrors will be cushioned with the highest quality cardboard boxes. But apart from boxes, you should also:

  • Gather the right supplies
  • Prepare your mirrors
  • Use the right packing technique
Picture of a mirror with lights
Protect your mirrors when relocating in order to enjoy them for a long time to come

Gather the right supplies

As we said, mirrors can easily get damaged, and some good packing supplies Chicago can help prevent that. Be generous when using, because here the more, the better! You will need things like special mirror boxes, packing tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap. These special boxes are roughly 30% bigger than the mirror because it is supposed that you will add lots of padding. If you cannot find this type of box, you can take apart standard large boxes and fit them closely around your mirror.


The preparation process will need a designed spot for doing it. If you have toddlers running around, you will understand this part even better. The kitchen table is a great place to do this, since it is elevated and big enough to fit the majority of mirrors that you might have. In the preparation phase, all you need to do is put painter’s tape onto the face of the mirror in the shape of an X. In case something happens, the tape will hold the broken pieces in place. But if you hire some residential movers Chicago, you can rest assured that this won’t happen.

Pack using the right techniques

First, put two pieces of cardboard on the face and back of the mirror. Next, wrap the mirror in packing paper as if you were wrapping a gift. Next is the bubble wrap. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to cover every part of the mirror with all of these materials. Crumbled packing paper needs to be put between the mirror and the box until there is no space left. Once you are satisfied with the amount, tape shut the box and label it as fragile.

Woman trying to protect your mirrors when relocating
The right techniques will help protect your mirrors

When you want to protect your mirrors when relocating, you will need time to do it. For that reason, every professional packer will recommend you to start the moving preparations on time. A few months before the moving date is the right time to start. We wish you good luck!

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