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You’ve decided to move to  Mount Prospect and the big day is on the horizon. The growing excitement about moving to the amazing Chicago area is in the air and you’re over the moon about the relocation! You’ve packed the essentials, the boxes are awaiting and now it’s time for the next move –  dealing with the bulkiest pieces of the household that are most tricky to pack – furniture. Though you’re in the midst of relocation fuss, spare some time to protect your furniture when moving to Mount Prospect. Some household items are irreplaceable and deserve special treatment during the relocation. Besides, preventing damages takes less time and money than fixing or buying new furniture.

A girl standing in the middle of packing boxes
Protect your furniture by thorough package planning

Provide safe transport of your furniture to Mount Prospect

The biggest parts of your housing usually can’t be easily boxed and transferred in a single piece, so it takes extra planning to assure their secure transport. It’s yet another box on your moving checklist, but you’re not alone in all these organizational challenges! And who would make a better assistant for the move than Moving companies Mount Prospect II. Now that the moving experts have been arranged, you can get back to securing the furniture for the move. Consider all safety measures to protect your furnishings before setting sail.

Homey start of new life in Illinois suburbs

Mount Prospect offers great opportunities for different lifestyles. Therefore, your furniture will look amazing in a home set in this charming suburb. No matter which area you’re coming from, worry not. Local movers Chicago will assure your furniture is transported securely and undamaged, allowing you to spend more time planning the safest packing solutions. Leave no cushion behind and pack all furnishings that will embellish the look of your new home!

Mount Prospect – a perfect choice for the move

It’s not hard to feel at home in this beautiful Cook County place, located quite near Chicago. The O’Hare airport is at hand’s reach, and so are all the natural beauties and county landmarks. You’ll have everything you need for comfortable and urban life, as this small town has all big city amenities for modern resident needs. So why not enhance the new home with your favorite household items?  Furniture is what gives the home a unique style. Therefore, moving away doesn’t mean you can’t bring it along to Mount Prospect. It can still safely travel with you and furnish the new living space. Whether you go for an apartment or a house, furniture will give it a finishing touch, and it’s essential to protect it carefully when moving to your new Mount Prospect home. The most important guidelines to take into account are coming your way!

Prepare packing materials to safely transfer your furniture to Mount Prospect

There are plenty of tips on how to protect your household items properly. Don’t overlook these, as they can be a life-saver for your favorite bookshelf transfer or that expensive bed you spent a fortune on. If your new home comes unfurnished, it’s a bit costly to go shopping for brand new housing. Avoid that and move your existing furniture all the way to Mount Prospect safely with residential movers Chicago. Your biggest home items will be securely transported so you don’t have to buy new ones. Or maybe you just don’t want to rebrand furniture as you like it the way it is. With adequate packing materials, even the most fragile pieces of furniture will be safely protected on the move to Chicago suburbs.

Protective materials adjusted for different furnishings

To protect your furniture when moving to Mount Prospect from top to bottom, take some time to review the palette of packing materials. The best protection comes with an extra protective layer that hugs your home items and keeps them undamaged during the move. When you have the professional protective materials at hand, the other reliable companions you need are professional movers Chicago! After booking the moving masters, it’s time to select proper protection for your furniture transfer to Mount Prospect. Depending on the item’s type and structure, your best friends are:

  • good old bubble wrap
  • plastic fabric sheets – wrap and protect every inch of your furniture when moving
  • old clothing or blankets
  • cushions or other padded items put between the fragile or pointy pieces
People with protective packing materials
Bubble wrap is your furniture safety belt on a journey to Mount Prospect

Dismantle furniture for better safety during the move

Before your furniture is off to your new home in Mount Prospect, make sure it’s well-protected from all sides. To get all the housing items in one piece, you might need to disassembly their parts first. Set aside the parts of similar size and shape that can travel safely together. You don’t want the dining table legs or any sharp objects mingle with fragile items. Apart from the breakage, exposed parts can damage other items’ surfaces or the packing supplies.

After sorting dismantled parts, wrap each item separately by using a suitable protective layer. Once fully wrapped, put the items into the moving box and assure it’s securely closed. Different types and shapes of furniture require specific handling and it’s necessary to take all features into account before packing. To secure the pointy edges in transport, wrap them up with padded covers or other protective materials. Fit the padding firmly around the corners to fully protect your household on the way to Mount Prospect.

Furnished living room
Protect furniture when moving and showcase it proudly when settled

Your furniture is what gives authenticity and personal seal to the living space. It reflects hosts’ style and creativity, so put some extra time and effort into packing your home hardware. Protect your furniture when moving to Mount Prospect so well that it arrives without a scratch! After all, it’s easier to secure it before the move than to get it repaired afterward. Wrap it up with care before the go and you’ll unwrap it with a smile next time you meet. With good protection, your furniture will last longer and you’ll be enjoying it for many more years.

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