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You will need to prevent furniture damage when moving. Otherwise, why pack your belongings for the move in the first place. The goal here, of course, is to make sure that your furniture arrives at your desired destination unscathed. There are some ways you can do this. First and foremost, you can contact some of the finest professional movers Chicago offers. The better the professionals, the better the results. Thus, make sure that you hire someone who knows what they are doing. Secondly, you can do it on your own. However, you will need to make sure that you pack everything perfectly. This is what our guide will be all about. So, make sure that you take notes as you read. Believe us, you might need them.

How to prevent furniture damage during your move?

Before you can relocate, you will need to make sure that your items are ready for transport. This is, actually, one of the hardest parts of any move. It is especially true if you have some fragile items or artwork. For those, you will need to take special care because even the smallest of mistakes can cause massive problems. Another thing you will have to think about are the kitchen appliances. Packing and storing kitchen appliances is really difficult and you might need professional help in order to do this. However, for now, let us focus on more general things. Here is a list of items you will definitely need:

  • Professional packing and moving boxes. You should not be able to imagine your relocation without professional packing and moving boxes. The better the quality of the boxes, the safer your items will be inside them. This is especially true for long-distance relocation or shipping purposes. Think about this one before anything else – you will definitely need to.
  • Packing and storing materials. Having enough duct tape and packing supplies is a must as well. You will need to use that to protect your items while they are inside the moving boxes. In essence, you will need to protect your items from external and internal factors during relocation. Make sure that you have enough of those.
  • Moving help. Once you get your boxes and materials from eBay, make sure that you have someone helping you out with your bigger items. Of course, for pianos and jacuzzis, for example, contact a moving company. However, it might be a good idea to have some friends helping you move tables, wardrobes, and so on.
A man talking with movers
Call professional movers to help you out

What can help you with your relocation?

There are some things that will definitely help you with your relocation. For instance, if you make a perfect moving checklist, you will have much less trouble with your relocation. Even more, a moving checklist will play a double-purpose for your move. You will have something to rely on when packing. The most important thing about the packing process is to make sure that you bring everything with you. This is why you might need a good packing checklist. Also, we have mentioned that if you have some really heavy items like pianos you should contact specialists to help you out. There are many professional piano movers Chicago offers. Contact them to help you out.

A woman packing for her move
Make sure that you use professional moving boxes for your packing

The goal is to have all of your items unscathed when you finally relocate. So, a good idea would be to label the moving boxes with appropriate labels. Also, make sure that you point out that some items are fragile. This will help your movers decide how they will handle the moving box. Of course, they will not know what will be inside that moving box. So, you should create labels that will let them know how to handle your items better. This will help prevent and minimize damage your items might suffer during the relocation. Thus, make sure that you do it.

How to prevent furniture damage during packing?

During packing, you will have to make sure that you use appropriate moving boxes and supplies. Also, having additional padding for the inside of your moving boxes is really the key here. For instance, every professional will give you the same advice. So, if you contact the best furniture movers Chicago offers, they will tell you to use additional padding for your moving boxes. What you want to do is to wrap your items in bubble wrap, and then place them inside moving boxes. Then, simply fill the moving boxes with anything that will prevent your items from moving while inside. Newspapers can also work, provided you have enough.

Also, you should make sure that you pack your items accordingly. There are some ways you can do this without any troubles. For instance, you should:

  • Pack your essential items first. You should not relocate without your essentials. Those are really hard (sometimes impossible) to replace. Thus, you should make sure that you have everything ready at hand for when you move. Pack your documents, valuables, and other essentials separately.
  • Pack your regular items. Packing your regular items will give you more space for your bigger items and for your fragile items. What you want to do is to pack everything that is not that difficult to pack after you pack your essentials. It will help you out a lot.
  • Pack your bigger and fragile items next. Having more space for this will work miracles. You will be able to do this without any problems if there is nothing in your way. So, think about this one when you are packing for your relocation. It will also help minimize potential damage.
Bubble wrap
Having bubble wrap is necessary for your move

Is there anything else to this?

Overall, when packing, you will need to make sure to prevent furniture damage. If you make this your primary concern, you can relocate anything anywhere. Also, make sure to contact some professionals if you need help with your relocation. The more you think about everything, the better the results will be. Have fun and good luck with this one!

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