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Driving your motorcycle on the open is one of many satisfactions during the sunny weather. However, when winter comes it is time to store your bike into a safe environment until the time is right. In this article, we will discuss ways you can prepare your motorcycle for storage and apply adequate protection to it. There are several places you can store your bike like the shed, garage or opting for a Chicago Moving and Storage service. Either way, having to protect your motorcycle during the winter period is very important. Regardless of which type of motorcycle you drive, there are a few things you should always do when you want to store it for a while. This is to make sure that the condition of the bike remains intact.

Prepare your motorcycle for storage – What to do

Whenever you plan on storing your bike for a certain period of time you must include varying factors that might affect its condition. These conditions may damage your motorcycle and cost you valuable time and money to repair. That is exactly what we are trying to avoid. If by any chance, you cannot drive your motorcycle to the storage unit, you can always hire Glenview moving companies to help you relocate it. So, what can you do to preserve the condition of your bike when it is in storage?

  • Perform an oil change
  • Thoroughly wash the motorcycle
  • Make sure your gas tank is full
  • Cover the mufflers
  • Tend to the battery
  • Cover your bike
a dissasembled motorcycle in a garage ready after you prepare your motorcycle for storage
The delicacy of certain items will require you to apply for enough protection in order to preserve their condition

If you do not apply enough protection your bike might suffer damage. This will create frustration and cost you more in the long run.

Perform an oil change

After you finish riding your bike and determine it is time to store it for the winter, make sure you change the oil. This is a good precautionary measure to ensure your bike is ready for riding as soon as the warm weather comes. Because each motorcycle is different, we suggest consulting the manufacturer manual for any additional or special steps. However, you should first drain out all the remaining oil from the engine. Secondly, pour new oil in the socket and close it. A good piece of advice is to clean the carburettors so they do not get gunky during the winter.

Thoroughly wash the motorcycle

This is a very important step. Cleaning the dirt, dust and girt from your bike will prevent the paint suffering from damage over time. More importantly, after you finish washing your bike either put it in the sun to dry out or clean it with a dry towel. However, make sure you give it time to dry out completely. Having excess water on it may corrode the paint on the motorcycle. If you want to make sure you prepare your motorcycle for storage you can apply wax after it dries out. This way you will protect the surface of the bike from any possible corrosion or oxidation.

Make sure your gas tank is full

If you are planning on moving your motorcycle to storage units Skokie during the course of winter you have to make sure the gas does not cause damage. If you store your motorcycle over a longer period of time having a half-empty or untreated gasoline can cause serious issues to the condition of the bike. Firstly, fill about 3/4 of your gas tank with gas. Secondly, add a gas-stabilizing chemical to fill the tank to the top. After you finish that, make sure your cap is tight and start the bike for about five minutes.

a man with a gray beard refilling the gas tank on his motorcycle
Make sure you empty the gas tank before you refill it

This will make sure that the chemical and gas mix which will prolong the longevity of the gas tank. You can utilize this to drive the motorcycle to the storage unit.

Prepare your motorcycle for storage – Cover the mufflers

One of the biggest issues with winter storage is that there can be pests in it. To protect your motorcycle from these pests you can simply cover the mufflers. This will prevent pests from getting inside and damaging your bike. More importantly, it will not allow them to inhabit this part of your bike and cause additional trouble. Simply put plastic bags over your exhaust or mufflers and round it up with a rubber band. If you want to ensure nothing goes in – do it in layers.

Tend to the battery

Your battery is the most vital part of the motorcycle. Proper maintenance and storage of your battery will prolong its longevity and reduce the chance of any malfunction in the future. Firstly, check the fluid levels. Low battery acid levels can cause sulfation which can create real issues with the motorcycle function. This is a very common issue with motorcycles and the main reason is neglect. Secondly, if you want, remove the battery from the bike and connect it to a charger.

a man in a black hoodie fixing a motorcycle in his garage
If you do not plan to change your battery in the future, make sure you take it out and charge it in the meantime

Steady, low charge of electricity will make the battery last longer in periods of inactivity.

Cover your bike

To wrap things up, the last thing you want to do is to cover your bike. Regardless if you prepare your motorcycle for storage in the long run or short-term. There are many benefits of short-term storage, especially if you cannot wait to drive your bike again. However, covering your bike will be the final touch to this process. Namely, the cover should protect your ride from different elements, such as moisture, excess water, snow, etc. These are all the things that are common during the winter period and covering your bike will protect it from those elements. After all the steps you had to take to protect your bike, you do not want to miss out on the most important one. This step will protect the motorcycle surface from corrosion, dust, moisture and rust.

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