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Winter storage requires some work and a bit of planning to be done properly. You are likely working with somewhat limited space, so you want to be as efficient with storage space usage as possible. Of course, you also want your items to be secure, but don’t want to have too much trouble unpacking come spring. If you prepare your items for winter storage correctly, you should have no trouble with either space or security. Plus, the storing process itself won’t take long. These tips apply whether you are storing items at home, or have decided to rent a unit at Chicago Moving and Storage. While the first option is possible, the second is far easier. It’s your choice!

Decide On What You Don’t Need

This is generally good advice no matter the season you are storing something. Most of us let clutter build up over the years. It takes up space and makes packing unnecessarily difficult. Preparing to store winter items is the perfect time to do a bit of inventory. Throw away or donate items that you don’t use. You can even organize a yard sale and make a bit of a profit. Once you have fewer possessions to store, you can get a smaller unit at storage Skokie. Doing away with items you don’t use is always a win-win situation.

Clean and Protect Your Items

Once you have decided which items you will keep, you need to prepare your items for winter storage by cleaning them. Clean each item thoroughly. Make sure that all items are dry (especially those made from wood) before you start packing them. Water can damage the items and cause mold and mildew to appear. Once you are done with the cleaning, start packing the items. Unless you have very easily damaged items, you can simply get boxes and bubble wrap. They are cheap and you can get them at packing supplies Chicago. Pack the items into boxes, secure them with bubble wrap, and label them for easier unpacking.

Person cleaning a table.
You should start with cleaning when you prepare your items for winter storage.

Get a Climate-Controlled Unit

Renting a climate-controlled unit is generally a good idea, both during summer and winter. They are a bit more expensive than regular units, but will protect your items from any damage that could be caused by unfavorable climate conditions. There’s not much use preparing items for winter storage if excessive cold is going to damage them, is there? You don’t have to put all the items you are storing in the unit, just the ones that are cold-sensitive.

Prepare your items for winter storage.
Consider getting a climate-controlled unit to store any sensitive items.

Outdoor Storage

Not everything needs to be stored in a unit. Yes, an indoor unit is much safer, but also less spacious. Larger items, like garden furniture and grills, can be stored safely outside if you prepare your items for winter storage properly. For anything made of plastic, you don’t have to worry about too much. However, you should take special care of anything made of wood or metal. Prolonged exposure to rain or snow will rust the metal and damage the wood. You might not notice anything the first year-round, but you are shortening their life-span. Cover them with a water-proof canvas. You don’t need to worry about the temperature, but about moisture seeping in. A few drops here and there are not a problem, just don’t let it soak. Of course, if it’s something very valuable, don’t leave it outside no matter the season. Good luck with the process!

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