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Many people collect different things, and dolls are one of the most common collectible items. They are fun to collect and own but must also be treated carefully to preserve their state. There are a few key steps you should take to make sure that happens. You certainly don’t want to invest time, energy, and money into them and later see them lose their initial form. That’s especially true if you plan to put them in a storage unit where they will spend a lot of time unattended. We at Golan’s Moving are one of the most experienced Chicago moving and storage companies when it comes to this topic. That’s why we’ve written this article on how to prepare your dolls collection for storage. Let’s get straight into it so that you can start right away.

What materials do you need to properly store your doll collection? 

First and foremost, make sure you get adequate cleaning and wrapping materials for your dolls. A list of the most essential items is: 

  • Acid-free packing paper
  • Acid-free storage boxes. They should be big enough for the dolls, but not too large to avoid your dolls shifting around
  • White cotton gloves. You don’t want any oils from your hands to stick on the dolls
  • Unbleached 100% cotton muslin is a good second option if you can’t find acid-free packing paper
    Three dolls on a bed
    Make sure you take proper care of your dolls collection before putting them in storage

Make sure you gently wrap each doll individually in packing paper. Don’t wrap them too tight, they should have some room to breathe. Once packed, put them inside the storage boxes. If you are placing multiple dolls inside one box, put some packing paper or muslin between them. If you require any help in finding adequate packing supplies Chicago, make sure to contact us and we will gladly assist you. 

Clean your dolls collection with care while prepping them for storage

Your dolls should be cleaned first before you start packing and storing them away. The first step is to know what material are the dolls made of. If they are made from bisque or porcelain, you should use literal white gloves while you clean them. The oil from your hands can stain the doll and its clothing, so be sure to take these appropriate measures.

Also, dust the dolls gently with a feather duster. If your doll has hair, don’t brush it because you can pull the hair off and damage it. If you require help from moving experts in regards to transporting your dolls to storage, get a free moving estimate Chicago to learn what your options are.

Four dolls of a collection
Doll collection is a hobby of many people, but they require a certain level of commitment in order to preserve them

Use a climate-controlled storage unit 

Finally, find the right type of storage units Skokie has to offer. Climate-controlled units are the best ones as they offer any temperature your dolls need in order to keep them safe and fresh. Knowing how to prepare your dolls collection for storage is only half of it. Getting the right type of storage unit is equally important, so make sure to give us a call.

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