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How to properly store leather furniture has always been one of the most asked questions we get. Furniture items are one of the most, if not the most, stored items in storage units Skokie has to offer. That’s no coincidence, as almost every home in America has at least one leather furniture item inside. They can provide the touch of class or comfort we all want in our homes. The feeling of familiarity we experience when we sit on our favorite couch is also one of the many reasons we love them. Therefore, knowing how to prepare leather furniture for storage is crucial if we want to preserve them to stay in their current shape. Here is a list of best practices on how to properly store leather furniture.

Treat your leather furniture first before storage

By treating it, we mean you should apply a leather conditioner on that piece of furniture, to keep it from forming any mold or mildew while in storage. Before you do that, however, you should properly clean and dry it first. Some Chicago moving and storage companies may offer help with treating leather furniture, but it’s best to be prepared to do it on your own.

A leather furniture couch
Knowing how to prepare leather furniture for storage is crucial in keeping it intact

Clean your leather 

First, remove any dust from your leather furniture by vacuuming it in a thorough manner. After that, clean it by using a leather cleaning product and a piece of a soft cloth. You should first test it on a spot that’s not visible, to make sure the product won’t affect the color of your furniture. If it works as intended, proceed to clean it. 

Dry the leather furniture

it is crucial you remove any moisture from your furniture before furniture movers Chicago places them in storage. Equally important is making sure there is no moisture in the storage unit either. To prevent that, we recommend placing bits of charcoal or even clay cat litter. Just put them in the corners of the storage unit. That should be enough as they help absorb any moisture inside. 

Cover your leather furniture in storage 

When you are ready to place your leather furniture in storage, make sure to put a piece of cotton cloth on top of it. Or simply cover it with blankets and furniture pads. They will protect your furniture from dust and dirt while also allowing the leather to breathe. You don’t want to forget to do this, as you may return to your storage unit and find your furniture full of cracks and damages and in way worse shape than before.

Leather furniture not properly prepared for storage decaying
Make sure to follow all steps of storing leather furniture to avoid it falling apart

Protect your leather furniture

Ideally, you want to put your leather furniture in a climate-controlled storage unit. Keep the humidity and temperature at the desired level. This way you are guaranteed to be safe from unexpected damages to the leather furniture we discussed previously. Also, we don’t recommend you put any of your boxes from the storage unit on top of the leather furniture while it’s inside. Over time, they can create dents and your furniture won’t be the same ever again. That’s why you should make sure you get enough packing supplies Chicago has in store, so you don’t need to displace your other items on the leather furniture. If you follow these simple instructions on how to prepare leather furniture for storage, you can rest assured you will find it the same way you brought it in. 

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