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If you have decided on moving to a smaller house, some challenges may await you. You need to tidy up, organize your belongings efficiently and plan a course of action. If you decide on professional help, hiring a company like Golan’s Moving & Storage will make your move a much more stress-free experience. If you do decide to take on the task by yourself, here are the 5 most important tips for preparing you for moving to a smaller house. Let’s get started!

Mentally prepare for moving to a smaller house

When you take on a smaller house, it can be easy to miss the space of a bigger home. However, downsizing has many benefits. That’s why we recommend you focus on the positives NOT the negatives. Smaller homes are easy to keep clean, there are fewer bills to pay and you don’t have to worry about a mortgage. Small homes are also usually more cozy and warm than more spacious ones. Moreover, they can be remodeled and changed easier and with less money. Try to focus on all of the opportunities for a simpler, happier life you’ve gained, and enjoy your new smaller home! If you are choosing to move because of location, then focus on all of the positives this will bring into your life! In addition, moving to Illinois with a reputable moving company will result in you having a much nicer journey into your new smaller home.

A woman folding laundry
It’s time to organize!

Declutter declutter declutter!

First of all, and very importantly, you have to declutter your home! You will need space in your new home which won’t be possible if you move everything. You should try to get rid of as many things as possible. Of course, things you don’t need anymore and are simply taking up space. You can either donate your belongings or give them to your friends and family. Look at this as an opportunity to sift through all of your things and only leave those you want and need. You are guaranteed to feel better! 

Here are some tips on how to declutter efficiently:

  1. Declutter by category – for example, start with toys, clothes, books, appliances, etc.
  2. Be commited – be thorough! Doing it halfway will only frustrate you. If you are decluttering, do it right so you’ll feel satisfied and happy when it’s over.
  3. Carefully look at your furniture – analyze what is worth keeping and what not. Especially if you have chunky or bulky furniture which you will have trouble fitting into a smaller space. It’s better to invest in a new couch that will fit perfectly than have to cram your old one in.
  4. Be honest with yourself – If you haven’t used something in years it’s time to get rid of it. Practice letting go!
  5. If it’s broken, toss it! – Broken and damaged things are not worth the space in your new home. And you can always donate things you don’t need.

Pro tip! Start decluttering early. This way you will have enough time to be thorough and avoid stress when moving into your smaller home. It’s important to stay calm and give yourself enough time to declutter in peace. Stress is the enemy and you will take things you don’t need to your new home or you will throw away something you care about accidentally.

a shite empty closet
Bonus tip! Always check for built-in storage!

Make sure you have storage 

Before starting your move into a smaller home, make sure you know where you will store your things. Maybe your old house has 2 closets while your new one has 1. And, your old home could have had 2 bathrooms. This means you have to be careful what is actually worth the storage space. If you’re used to more space this will be difficult for you. However, knowing what to expect will make your move easier. You will adjust much faster if you are prepared. Additionally, you can add storage in a couple of places:

  1. Under the bed 
  2. Furniture with built-in storage
  3. Baskets or racks that hang
  4. Shelves

Having storage options will make your life a lot easier. It can also be a benefit to have less storage than before – you know where everything is! You won’t have to search in the attic or basement or a dusty old closet. But you also need to be strict with yourself. Organize and store your belongings efficiently and properly and you will surely be happy in your new home.

Measure furniture

This is another important step when moving into a smaller home. You have to know beforehand if your furniture will fit comfortably. Maybe the couch that worked for your old living room won’t work at all for your new one.

Do not skip this step! Moving into a smaller house generally means smaller rooms with different dimensions. Furniture that worked in your large home may be either too big for the space or not fit at all. 

This is valuable information that will help you! You don’t want to move in your couch only to realize it won’t fit. Measuring will help you save time and money. You should measure the height, width, and depth of all your furniture. After that, compare those measurements with those of your new home.

A box
Nobody can do it like the professionals!

Hire the pros to pack for you when moving to a smaller house

Packing can be challenging and time-consuming. If you have a busy work schedule and packing is not on the horizon for you, professional movers and packers are the way to go. For example, moving companies in Niles such as Golan’s Moving and Storage have many satisfied customers and are always up to the task. These movers will know exactly how to pack your belongings and hit the road! And this will give you the opportunity to prepare for your new living space.


If you’re planning on moving to a smaller house, make sure you are prepared to do so. Declutter, clean and throw away anything you don’t need. Make sure you know how much storage space to expect and measure your things  beforehand. Nobody likes a surprise on moving day! Stick to our five tips and you will have no problem. Good Luck!

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