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We understand that as a suburb of Chicago, the situation in Northbrook can change very quickly. It is good practice to leave at least a few days for packing before moving, however, you don’t always have that luxury and need to pack your Northbrook home in a dayPacking your home in a day is far from impossible, no matter how large it is. All you will need is good preparation and possibly a little help from your friends. Much like packing, moving on short notice can be hard to pull off, but there are Chicago area movers who can accomplish it. Here are some tips to help you pack on short notice.


You Need Good Preparation

If you do intend to pack your home in a day, you will need to have a sound plan in place. First, you will need to arm yourself with the right packing supplies. Second, you need to empty all containers, this includes fridges, cupboards, drawers, etc., of all the items you will not be moving with you and dispose of them. Lastly, you need to free up as much of your day as possible. This can be especially hard if you have young children. Older children can help with the packing, but young kids will be a distraction. Hire a babysitter or ask your relatives to take care of them if you truly mean to get your packing done in a day.

To-Do list.
If you intend to pack your Northbrook home in a day you need to have a plan in place.


Get Packing Supplies in Advance

You will need to have all of the packing essential on hand to accomplish packing in a day. If you are still searching for packing supplies the same day you plan to pack your Northbrook home in a day, it’s not going to happen. Luckily, packing supplies are cheap and easy to get. Most moving companies Northbrook IL can get you the supplies. You will need strong boxes (and lots of them), wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and duct tape. In case you are moving extremely fragile items, like mirrors or similar, you may need to get special frames and boxes to keep them safe.

Categorize Your Possessions

It will be much easier if you categorize your possession before you start packing. Make a list of which items go together. Decide what items you are going to pack first. Generally, it is much easier to pack smaller items first, to make enough for maneuvering the larger items. You can label the boxes the day before to make it easier on yourself. Additionally, packing room by room can make the process much quicker. We won’t tell you what your plan should look like, but you do need to have a plan in place.

How to pack your Northbrook home in a day.
Categorizing your possessions will help you pack.

Get Some Help

No matter how well you prepare, if you have a lot of possession, you may need some help. Ask some friends or relatives to pitch in for the day. When you have everything prepared the whole process won’t be too difficult for them. Planning for packing plays as much of a role as physically putting the items into boxes. On the other hand, if you want to be positive that you can pack your Northbrook home in a day, consider contacting Golan’s Moving & Storage. They can easily take care of your packing needs, so you don’t have to break a sweat. Whichever option you choose, we wish you good luck! 

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