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In order to pack your baby’s room for relocation, you will need to organize and categorize properly. At best, moving takes serious effort on your part; when all the items found in your child’s room are included, it can be a struggle to pack. Consider hiring professional movers Chicago to help you out, or even just ask them for advice. There are many small tricks that are used for moving – if you have to figure them out on your own, you will lose valuable time and cause yourself the stress. Your best bet is to contact professionals to help you, but here are some starting tips that can get you going.

Communicate With Your Child About the Move

The first thing you need to do is discuss the move with your child. Even if they are a baby, changing their environment can be stressful, especially when they don’t understand what is happening. Do your best to comfort your child and explain that they will lose nothing, only gain a new home. Their bedroom is their safe haven and they will get anxious about losing it. Luckily, children are adaptable, and will quickly get used to their new surroundings, if you ease them into it. Consider having your child help pack the room for relocation so that they can be assured that nothing is amiss.

Sleeping baby
Relocation can be very stressful for your kids, so be there for them and talk to them about the move

Take It One Step at a Time

It would be wise not to rush things, but work systematically. If you organize yourself properly it will allow you to have an easier time of moving, and the likelihood of misplacing items will be lower. The usual steps you should take are:

  • Explain to your child what is happening 
  • Prepare your moving supplies
  • Separate essentials and non-essentials 
  • Pack your baby’s room for relocation

Preparing Your Supplies for Packing the Room 

You should do your best to keep all of the items safe and clean – line all the boxes with paper or plastic wrap. This will help keep the items whole and will stop dust and other unwanted mater from accumulating. Prepare an extra layer of paper to wrap the boxes, for when you have finished packing. Contact packing supplies Chicago to purchase all the items you may need.

Pack your babys room for relocation
Packing your baby’s room for relocation has to be done properly with a lot of care

Packing Essentials and Non-Essentials

Non-essentials should be packed first. All the clothes, toys, books, and diapers that won’t be used until after the move go in the boxes first. This may include a lot of breakable items, so do your best to secure them properly when packing your baby’s room. A broken mirror or toy can injure someone during unpacking and is an unnecessary expense.

The essentials should be packed right before the move. More than likely, you now have some dirty clothes that your baby was using prior to the move, so separate them in a single box. Cribs are easily damaged, so make sure to secure them properly when you start to pack your baby’s room for relocation. Other than that, sheets and pillows can be stuffed with dirty clothing. Now your baby’s room is packed and you are ready to move!

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