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Packing and transporting items you will use when sailing is not much different than packing for any other activity. Separate the essentials and non-essentials, and take care to secure the items that could be damaged. Professional moving companies can help you transport and store your equipment properly. Once you decide to pack sailing equipment, take special care to secure your electronics – it is easily damaged and is essential.

What Sailing Equipment to Pack

What sailing equipment you will pack depends on how long your trip will take and where you plan to move it. The first step is planning what you wish to take, and separating the easily damaged items. Generally, it is advisable to take only items that you wouldn’t mind losing or getting wet. Sailing can be unpredictable, so it is best not to carry valuables around. Most places that are accessible by boat are meant for tourists and sailors. Even in the nicer restaurants and bistros, people will be dressed casually. If the weather allows it, pack light clothes. For longer trips, or if you are relocating your sailing equipment long-distance, consider hiring professionals like Golan’s Moving & Storage to help you out.

Dog in a boat.
Your pet may like sailing, too

Essential Sailing Equipment

When going sailing, there are some essentials that you must bring for your, and your families, safety. Lifejackets, clothing for bad weather, and electronics are necessary items that must be kept secure. Pack your sailing essentials in boxes that you will line with waterproof material and make sure to keep it from getting damaged. It is better to be safe than sorry. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a hazardous situation with faulty electronics and a non-functional lifejacket, would you? Be positive that everything is functional before you pack it and check it again once you unpack it. Radios, telephones, and batteries are your closest friends when sailing, so make sure that they are well secured when packing. Before going on a sailing trip, think about:

  • What sailing equipment to pack
  • How to pack it
  • What is essential
  • What is not

    How to pack your saling equipment.
    Make sure to pack your sailing equipment so that it is not damaged

Clothing and Similar Items

Your sailing equipment will include a lot of clothes and similar items. Packing these items will not be too difficult, as they are not easily damaged. Get boxes of the appropriate sizes so that you can fit all of your stuff. It is advisable to layer the boxes with a protective sheet so that they don’t get damaged. If you are planning on longer sailing trips, you may need a lot of clothes that can be difficult to move. Consider hiring your local moving companies to help you out. Evanston Movers can help transport and store your equipment until you are ready to use it. Most locations you will sail to will have a lot of moisture in the air, so be careful how you repack your sailing equipment after you have used it. Make sure that everything is dry before you repackage it, in order to avoid lasting damage.

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