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Paintings are valuable and delicate possessions, so you should never hire anyone but the best movers in Chicago to transport your possessions. You need to pack paintings for a move similar to how you pack any other fragile items. You will need to put extra care into securing them before transport. Even the smallest scratches can bring down their value, not to mention any significant damage. But, don’t worry, moving painting is far from impossible. You will need to be thorough and careful when you pack them, but it shouldn’t cost you much. Here is a quick guide on how to safely pack your paintings for a move.

Getting the Right Packing Supplies

In order to keep your items safe, you will need the proper packing supplies. That will include boxes and padding. Lots of padding. You can get moving boxes easily by contacting moving boxes Chicago suppliers. You will also need strong duct tape, bubble wrap, and padding paper. Avoid using newspapers for stuffing, as the ink can damage your paintings. The best paper to use for packing is clean white paper. If you are willing to invest a bit more money, you could get picture boxes and glassine. This will keep your painting safe during transport and keep any dust or similar particles off of the canvas.

Framed painting on a floor.
You won’t be able to pack paintings for a move without the right supplies.

Packing the Paintings

First off, how you pack paintings for a move will partially depend on their sizes. The larger the painting, the larger the box needed. Then, it will depend on whether the painting is framed or not, and whether you have a glass covering. It is important that your box is similar in size to the painting itself. If the box is too small, the painting won’t fit, obviously. However, if the box is too large you will need a lot of padding material and if you don’t do it right the painting can still move around, which could cause damage. The ideal box is between 3 to 5 inches larger than your painting.

In case your painting has a glass cover secure it to the frame with duct tape. This can prevent the glass from shattering, and if it does shatter it will prevent it from moving and damaging your painting. If you don’t have a glass covering it is imperative to protect the face of the painting. Use glassine or even simple plastic wrap to cover the face and prepare the painting for moving. Once you have that covered it is time to place the padding. Cover all sides with bubble wrap generously and secure the bubble wrap to the frame with duct tape.

How to pack paintings for a move.
Be generous with the wrapping paper and stuffing you use.

If your frame is also valuable, you can get corner protectors to keep it from getting damaged. You can also make them on your own from cardboard. Once the painting itself is secure with bubble wrap, place paper or other soft materials, like towels or sheets, on the bottom of the box. Once the bottom is secure, you can place the painting inside. Before you seal the box, shake it a bit to see if it’s moving. If it’s not, you’re good to go. If you wish to avoid having to worry about how to pack paintings for a move, simply hire packing services Chicago. They are professionals and guarantee your paintings will arrive safely.

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