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Moving to a new home usually means you have a chance to start a new chapter in your life. Avoiding stress is the most important thing during relocation. The best way to do so is to make sure all of the items you move remain intact. To do so, you will need some cushioning and protective materials, good organization, and planning. If you want to pack glasses and dishes for the move you have to take into account their fragility. Moreover, you have to make sure that you maintain their longevity throughout the process. Hiring Golan’s Moving & Storage is a good way to secure a good and safe relocation experience.

How to protect and pack glasses and dishes for the move

Glassware and porcelain are very fragile items. You have to take precautionary measures to ensure that they arrive in one piece. Damaging these items might result in higher stress and be a potential risk to other items nearby. That is why you should take the time to pack those items and make sure they are safe and ready for transport. If you are short on any packing materials, you can always opt for packing supplies Chicago to provide all the materials your items need. There are several ways you can protect your items during transport, and here are the main ones:

  • Obtain enough strong boxes for the move
  • Make sure you wrap them with protective materials
  • Pack glasses and dishes separately
  • To ensure their safety – use cushioning materials as well
a variety of glasses on a table
Glassware and china are very fragile so protect them as much as you can when relocating

Not providing adequate protection to these fragile items can result in additional stress, extra costs and potential risk for other items inside the moving truck.

Obtain enough strong boxes for the move

The first step you want to make in this process is to obtain adequate boxes for your items. Namely, finding strong, sturdy cardboard boxes to pack your items is the best way to ensure your items will not break. A strong cardboard box will not tear or break during packing or transport and increases the safety of your items. If you, by any chance, get a weaker box it might tear and your items will fall out of it. This is the exact scenario we want to avoid in this situation.

a woman and a girl tape a cardboard box on the floor
Once you finish packing reinforce your box by taping it

So, do your research and see what types of boxes you can acquire. Because you will pack the heaviest items in the bottom of the box it should be strong and reinforced by tapes to ensure safe transport. Another thing you should do is label the boxes. This way, you will let the person handling the boxes that there are fragile items inside of it.

Make sure you wrap them with protective material

To make sure your items arrive in one piece and without any damage, you should apply enough protective material around them. Pack glasses and dishes for the move by wrapping them with newspaper, regular paper or by applying packing peanuts in spaces between them. Protective material has the purpose of protecting the surface of your items from scratches, potential fractures, and complete destruction of your items. It is very important, especially with fragile items like these, to apply enough protection from potential tumbling and moving around the moving truck. You can use regular newspaper and wrap your items one at a time. On top of that, you can add packing peanuts in-between each item to prevent shock damage and movement. If you need assistance with packing, you can hire movers Park Ridge, IL to help you prepare for the relocation.

Pack glasses and dishes for the move separately

Before you start packing you should separate your items into two separate sides. On the first one, you will have all the glassware you want to take with you. On the other side put all the fine china and dishes you want to move. It is important that you pack them separately because you want to maintain their condition throughout the process. Because dishes are usually heavier than glassware you want to keep them separate.

a mom and her daughter pack glasses and dishes for the move in separate boxes
Dishes are always going to be heavier than glass, due to that – you should always pack them separately

Wrap your glassware into protective material and start placing them inside the box. Do the same with dishes in another box. This way you will not only preserve the condition of both types of items but make it easier to unpack. It will also help you pack easier as you will have more control over which item is where. After you finish packing them, reinforce the boxes, and make sure you put labels on them.

To ensure their safety – use cushioning material as well

Protective material will help you preserve the surface of your items but you want to ensure they do not break. To do so you should consider applying enough cushioning material. If you are uncertain about the way you will pack those items you can hire professional packers to help you prepare for the move. The best thing about applying cushioning material is that you can utilize something from your own home. Cushioning material is a soft type of material that prevents items from hitting each other during transport. For instance, you can use bed sheets or sweaters in between the items to prevent them from moving and hitting each other. The soft material you put in spaces between items will maintain your item condition and preserve it. If you want to maintain condition when you pack glasses and dishes for the move – we suggest using cushioning materials.

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