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At some point, you probably have heard people struggle with the packing process when relocating homes. It is true. Packing can be quite complicated and time-consuming. And now when you must relocate as well, it is time for you to learn how to do it right. You should obtain all the necessary packing supplies, pack your stuff, and use professional movers Chicago to relocate you safely. But we will be specific and help you with one of the more delicate packing steps. Yes, we will teach you how to pack gaming equipment and move them around without damage. It is precious cargo, and we must ensure it arrives on the other side safely.

Prepare to pack gaming equipment safely

If you want to pack gaming equipment safely, you must be careful and thorough. This means you should begin with a complete checkup. Locate all gaming equipment you possess along with other electronic devices. Simply because they will be handled in the same way as your gaming equipment. This way you won’t waste precious time while packing. So, start by taking pictures of the original setup. You want to memorize how your cables were attached and how the items were positioned. Then, you will remove the power source, detach the cables, and start cleaning the equipment. Be careful with fragile pieces and do not use heavy chemicals to clean them. And of course, have your fiber cloth moist instead completely wet.

Picture of the monitor as a symbol of how to pack gaming equipment
Take photos of the original setup and avoid having headaches later.

After you clean each piece, set it aside, find an appropriate box, and start packing. If you do not want to cover this part yourself, ask your movers to do it instead. Even though your gaming equipment is expensive and delicate, movers have the knowledge to pack it safely. Check their moving services Chicago and if you like it, purchase the packing service.

You must have backups

Before you pack gaming equipment for moving, you must have the backup of all your data safely stored away. You can never know what can happen along the way so better be on the safe side. And having backups nowadays is completely right. Hence, take a thumb drive or an external hard drive and make a copy of all your irreplaceable data. Or you can store everything on the cloud. Do whatever you prefer the most just make sure to have backups in case of unfortunate events.

Pack gaming equipment by using the best packing materials on the market

To pack your equipment and other electronics, you must prepare an adequate set of packing supplies Chicago. You can find them online, purchase them from the moving company, or at the local hardware store. Just make sure to obtain the following:

  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Labels.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Bubble wrap.
a pile of carton boxes
Use a better-quality cardboard box to pack your gaming equipment safely.

You can use plastic bins and other types of containers. Make sure you have proper packing tape to keep your boxes together. Also, make sure you have labels and a dark marker to label all your boxes properly. And one more thing, while doing this, try to get rid of the clutter before moving. We are sure you have outdated equipment that you can donate or sell online. This is the time to get rid of it.

The packing process

Now, it is time to get on with the packing. Pack slowly and comfortably. Do not rush this process because the equipment you are handling is way too valuable. Firstly, use the original boxes if you still have them. If not, find appropriately sized moving boxes Chicago for each unit. One smaller box can hold your gaming controllers and other external pieces of equipment. And the bigger ones should hold your PC, gaming consoles, and more. Lastly, all screws, bolts, and small pieces should be placed in baggies and labeled adequately. Place the baggie inside the box it belongs to and this way you won’t lose it.

As for the safety of your items, if you place bubble wrap or crumpled paper between items, you shouldn’t worry about a thing. Some items can be wrapped completely for additional safety. You figure this one out depending on the items you are wrapping. Just make sure your items are steadily placed inside boxes without being able to move around much.

And this is it, now you know how to pack gaming equipment. Just label each box with the wording “Fragile” and your movers will know what kind of content they are carrying. Good luck.

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