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Take your time

When packing your breakables—which is often synonymous with valuables—give yourself ample time to pack slowly and carefully. The worst thing you can do during a move is pack your crystal, ceramics and family heirlooms in a hurried and rushed manner.

Use the right packing materials

Many people try to be thrifty or ecofriendly and use old newspapers or towels. These items aren’t designed for packing! Pick up bubble wrap, different sized boxes, cardboard dividers, packing tape—the works. When packing priceless items, paying a little extra for proper materials is worth the investment.

Hire professionals

When in doubt, hire professional movers and packers. The pros know exactly how to pack your special occasion china and your antique grandfather clock. Be sure to tell movers which items require special attention to ensure save travels.

Get Insurance

Look into moving insurance or talk to your movers about the protection they offer. Accidents are rare, but it’s important to plan ahead and cover your bases.

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