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When packing for a move, valuable and fragile items will keep you up at night. Oftentimes, they are either awkwardly shaped or easily damaged. In many cases, they are both. Artwork is one of the extremely fragile items that need extra care when moved. If you want to sleep carefree and let someone else pack this for you, we recommend hiring some professional movers Chicago. Doing it by yourself is also not impossible, but you will need the right supplies and techniques to do so. In this guide, we will cover the topic of how to pack art pieces when relocating.

How should you pack art pieces when relocation?

We have made thing sure, that art pieces can easily get damaged. Your items will be transported in the back of a moving van for a long time, especially if you move long distances. There is a high chance that something unexpected will happen on the road. That’s why it is mandatory to use high-quality packing supplies Chicago if you pack art pieces when relocating. Some other things you should do are:

  • Use boxes of the right size
  • Protect the front side and wrap it up
  • Test for movement and seal the box
  • Don’t forget to label

Use boxes of the right size

Using the correct size of boxes has never been more important than now. Some packing services Chicago will know exactly what boxes are needed so that you don’t have to worry. But to elaborate, you first have to sort your artwork by size. The small and medium-sized pieces can be packed together, while bigger pieces need separate boxes. Your best option for big pieces would be to find specialty boxes if it is possible.

Couple carrying boxes after finishing to pack art pieces
Use boxes of the right size

Protect the front side and wrap it up

The font size of many art pieces has a glass covering. Use masking tape and put an X over it. In case of the glass breaks, it won’t scatter everywhere, at least preventing a mess from happening. In case you hire some long distance movers Chicago, there is no need to worry about this. If there is no glass covering, use kitchen plastic wrap for this side. For additional security, wrap each piece in packing paper, and then in bubble wrap.

Test for movement and seal the box

Once you have put the art pieces upward in the box, give it a shake. If nothing seems to shift around, you are good. If you feel movement though, try to put bubble wrap in the empty spaces. Once everything is set. seal the box shut with some packing tape.

Don’t forget to label

When dealing with fragile and valuable items, labels are very important. If it is not visible on the box that the items inside it are fragile, there is no use to bother with all the careful packing. Your artwork will be at risk if people don’t know what they are moving. Clearly label every side of the box with a bright, colorful label for best results.

Picture of colored markers
Write labels with bright, visible colors

When you pack art pieces implementing our tips, rest assured that they will arrive at their destination in one piece. This way you will be able to enjoy your artwork for years to come in your new home!

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