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Relocating bulky items is certainly far from an easy job, especially if you’re doing it alone. There are a few important things to consider before you pack and move large area rugs. Naturally, the larger the rug is, the harder it is to move it. In addition, packing such a large item can also take some time. Just like finding affordable movers Chicago, this job takes some preparation and forward-thinking. Luckily, we’re here to prepare you for this task. You’ll be able to pack your rug like a pro and make your move all the easier. Let’s look into some important factors when moving rugs to your new home.

colorful carpet in a bright living room
Rugs and carpets can sometimes be pretty big, so removing them from the room takes a bit of thought

Before you pack and move large area rugs, make sure they are clean

Given the fact your rugs are large, they cover a big surface in your home and as such, attract a lot of dirt. During your move, before you pack the carpets and load them into the truck, you’ll have to thoroughly clean them first. If you want to avoid tracking dirt into your new home, it is important to keep everything clean. Depending on how large your rug is, you can hire professionals to do it or wash it yourself. If you want to do the cleaning on your own, your best bet is to wash it in a big, open space, such as your backyard. So long as it doesn’t contain delicate fabrics, it’ll be enough to wash it with cold water and dry it. Persian carpets, however, can suffer damage if treated with regular washing methods. If you have this type of carpet, let the professionals clean it.

The next step is to roll and pack your carpets

Dealing with the size and shape of your rugs is usually the biggest hurdle during a relocation. Before you pack and move large area rugs, make sure they are neatly rolled up first. Your goal is to make the rug take up less space. Roll it tightly in a way that it resembles a narrow tube. The tighter you roll it up, the less chance of it unrolling during a move there is. Packing rugs from your office space for a move is a little bit trickier. Professional commercial moving companies Northbrook IL know how to work with these types of items. This is exactly why you should consider them for your next relocation.

large area rugs ready to pack and move
Try to roll up your carpets as tightly as possible, to prevent them from unrolling in the middle of the transport

Offices usually have a lot of furniture and machinery around, so rolling up a rug isn’t always an option. With professional movers, you won’t have to worry, since they know the best ways to handle this. Needless to say, packing rugs is a very different procedure compared to packing the rest of your household. If you want to do this right, you’ll need a few elementary supplies. These include duct tape, plastic wrap, and plastic tarps or protective film. It is very important to pick packing supplies that are durable and waterproof. Carpets are, naturally, very susceptible to moisture and weather conditions, so you want to do your best and keep them protected throughout the relocation.

Make sure you have enough room in your home or office to navigate

With most relocations, one of the biggest issues when moving large area rugs is getting them out of the room. If you have a carpet that covers the entire room, removing it from your room requires careful planning and consideration. The first hurdle is trying not to damage the carpet itself. To avoid any potential damages, consider hiring furniture movers Chicago. Then, there is the issue of removing it out of the room. Since you’ve previously rolled it up, now you have a long tube to navigate around the floor, without knocking anything over. So, before you do anything, measure all of your doorways and hallways to make sure it can fit through.

empty office with a large area carpet
Offices usually have caprets that cover the entire group floor, making the extraction all the more difficult

Carrying such a large piece of furniture needs at least two people, so you really need to be aware of your surroundings. The key to success lies in making sure that the carpet is secured and stable. In order to make sure there is plenty of free space to move the carpet around the house, leave it for last. Take care of all the other pieces of furniture and electronics, and then come back to the carpet. If you do this, you’ll be left with a nearly empty room. This allows you to not only roll the rug up easier but also get it out of the house without issues.

Should you pack and move large area rugs on your own?

As we mentioned before, it isn’t always possible to pack and move large area rugs without the help of professionals, compared to smaller carpets and rugs. In these situations, it makes no difference whether you’re relocating your office or home. No matter the case, it is wise to consider hiring professional movers to take care of your large rugs quickly and efficiently. If you’re moving on a budget, consider our special moving services and choose what fits you best. All you need to do is make a list of items that need to be packed and moved, and our team of experts will take care of the rest. If you hire moving professionals, you ultimately save yourself plenty of time and nerves. This is the best way to make sure everything arrives safely to your new home, carpets included.

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