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To pack and move any furniture is not simple. Sure, it is not exactly rocket science, but there is a lot of work to be done regardless and we can understand why someone will engage in a lot of planning in order to do it right. However, what happens when you have to move furniture that is a little different. When you have to deal with having to pack and move antique furniture? Well, things get orders of magnitude more complicated because suddenly you have to a lot more careful.  A scratch on a living room sofa is one thing, but a scratch on an antique is a serious value loss. To make sure you can deal with this task, we made this quick guide on how to relocate antique furniture.

Before you pack and move antique furniture

The first good advice we would offer to you is to, ideally, not do it alone. There are a lot of moving companies that offer special, additional services, such as moving of antique and highly valued items and furniture. Using one of these Glenview moving companies should always be preferable to a DIY relocation of such valuable possessions as antiques are. This is because, by moving them yourself, you are risking damaging them irreparably and therefore negating any monetary benefits of doing it by yourself rather than paying movers.

pack and move antique furniture - a beutiful museum
What to know before you pack

That being said, there are actual benefits of doing it yourself. By committing to a DIY, you are saving money. This is because, while in a normal move the distance, time, and volume of items are the main considerations that comprise the final moving quotes Chicago, with antique furniture things are different. These demand “additional services” that are always something you will pay extra. For furniture like this, you might pay a lot more than for some other additional services. Therefore, by doing it yourself you actually are going towards a much more affordable relocation. However, the obvious downside of doing it this way is that you actually risk the possesions in question.

Movers are, by definition, professionals in relocations and have both skills and the tools to deal with relocations. It is a fair assumption that they are better equipped to handle the tasks like this than you. Therefore, consider your choice carefully, since both might cost you more. The difference is one will cost you more before, and the other might just cost you after the packing and moving of antique furniture is done.

Take inventory of what you have

Form now on this article will go on with the presumption that you are going with the DIY option rather than any of the affordable movers in Chicago. Therefore, let us help you to pack and move antique furniture. First off, you should, obviously, take inventory. Making a list of what you have is crucial. It is also crucial to actually use pen and paper. It is often that, in a hurry or out of a pure accident, we forget something. You do not want to have any such mistakes made here. Take inventory and make sure that the possessions are not damaged.

This last thing is especially important due to insurance. You want to know exactly what kind of state your items are and to have a proof for it. That way you can know if the damage occurred during the move.

See how much is it worth and insurance

On that note – do you have insurance? Even if you have homeowner insurance you still want to check if the damage during relocation is covered. If not, you should, in all honesty, spend some money to have additional insurance placed on them during the move. While licensed movers do have some insurance provided, this is far from enough to make it worth it for you.

In order to know just how much to insure it for, make sure you have the items evaluated. This will also help with the movers, as they will know exactly what type of value they are dealing with.

Clean everything

Before the move, clean everything. Be sure to avoid chemical cleaners, especially on older wood for when you pack and move antique furniture.


A mirror
You want it clean as a mirror.

Cleaning the items will prevent damage during the move, especially on fiber.

During the packing

Now, we move to the hearth of the process itself. If you are doing it yourself, you should get yourself some moving supplies. Those are either cheap or completely free, given that you know how to find free moving supplies in Chicago.

There are a few things you will need to do. before committing to the move

  • Disassembly – In most cases when you have to pack and move antique furniture, disassembly is unfortunately not possible. However, if it is, definitely do it since it helps the move dramatically.
  • Packing material – Make sure you have sturdy boxes and a lot of cushioning materials. Items need space and protections
  • Stack properly

For furniture

So, as we said, the first step you should do is the disassembly, if possible. IF not, continue on with the wrapping of each item. This is so they are cushioned in their boxes during relocation.

Handles of a osfa
How to handle the furniture?

No matter how good and gentle furniture movers Chicago is, you will still, unfortunately, need to protect the items from some bumps on the road. Finally, make sure that you get help with the loading. Those are heavier than they look, and don’t really go that easily through door frames.

Good luck!

Hopefully, this guide has prepared you enough to pack and move antique furniture all on your own and make it a success. As a last thing on the list, we wish only to implore you to start as early as possible. These things can take quite a lot of time and it is paramount that you start the planning and execution process on time in order to avoid any last-minute mistakes that might occur. Therefore, be careful and be thorough. We wish you the best of luck!

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