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Your dining room furniture is likely not cheap, so you want to protect it as best as you can before you move. As parts of it are heavy and cumbersome, it is likely going to get bumped here and there during the move. However, if you hire the best furniture movers Chicago has to offer and pack it properly, it should arrive at the new location without any scrapes or scratches. Your movers will handle the transport, but it’s up to you to pack it correctly. Read this guide and you will know how to pack a dining room set. You’ll see that it’s not too difficult, with just a bit of guidance. 

Disassemble the Dining Room Set

The first thing you should do is disassemble the table and chairs. If you have kept the manual, it should tell you the steps you should take. If not, here is how it generally works. Without actually seeing it, we can’t be sure which elements your furniture has, so skip any steps if they are unnecessary. Remove the top first (the glass or marble top that is not attached to the table itself) and carefully place it on the ground. Turn the table to remove the legs. They are usually held by at least two bolts, so unscrew them and remove each leg.

Dinning room table and chairs.
Before you start to pack a dining room set, you need to disassemble it.

Next, remove the extension leaves – similarly to the legs, they are held by a few bolts. Do the same with the chairs. If the components are glued together, you should be very careful about how you break it apart. Getting a specialist to do it may be wise. On the other hand, you could ask affordable movers Chicago if they can transport it in one piece. It is usually not done that way, but maybe you can make a deal. Just in case, take pictures of the furniture from every angle, before you start packing. In case you need to make an insurance claim, it is good to have photos to prove the initial condition. Now, let’s learn how to pack a dining room set.

Pack The Set

Not that you are done with disassembling, you can get on to packing. You will need the proper packing supplies; for the basic parts, you will need strong boxes, corner protectors, duct tape, bubble wrap, and some blankets or towels. You can get the stuff you don’t have packing supplies Chicago, at almost no cost. First, place the protectors at each corner of the table. Then, wrap it in a blanket or towels. Avoid placing bubble wrap directly on the wood. Plastic holds in moisture and can damage the wood if it lays in storage for too long. Next, wrap it in bubble wrap, secure it with duct tape, and place it in a box.

How to pack a dining room set.
Getting the proper packing supplies is essential.

For additional protection, you can fill the box with packing peanuts or even shredded paper. Repeat the process for each wooden element. The last thing we need to do is pack the fragile items, most likely the glass top. The process is the same – blanket, bubble wrap, secure. But you need to be very careful when you handle it and must use filling in the box. Once you place the top in the box and fill it, it should not move. If it does, place more filling. Give it a few tries and if it doesn’t move once you shake it, you’re good to go. We hope you now know how to pack a dining room set, so good luck with your move!

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