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Moving to another continent is never easy. No matter how much you think that everything will be smooth, it will not. Integrating into another culture is a process and it can bring a lot of negative thoughts until you do it. That is why most people feel home-sickness after moving. The great thing is that there are many ways on how you can win this battle. Moving to Illinois does not have to be so hard. Here are some of the best tips that should help you overcome homesickness after leaving Europe for Illinois!

How to overcome homesickness after leaving Europe?

  • Take your time
  • Become involved
  • Make new habits

Take your time

It is important for you to know that there is no schedule for leaving homesickness behind. You should not rush things because it can make even more harm. You should take your time with this matter. Getting adjusted after moving to another county and homesickness usually go hand to hand but it does not have to be like it. If your culture is similar to the US, you will adapt pretty easily. But, homesickness is just the feeling that struck you when you are out of your comfort zone. Know that this is normal and that it will pass.

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Rushing is the worst decision that you could make

Become involved

In order to stop feeling bad, you need to take some action. You should become involved in the city you have moved to. For example, Chicago is one of the most popular destinations for Europeans. There are several popular Chicago neighborhoods for European expats. That means that you will already be around people that may be from your own country. It will certainly become much easier if you have someone to share your pain with.

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Find new people and start your new life

Make new habits

Handling homesickness after moving to Illinois from Europe can be easier if you make new habits and routines. Now that you are in the new city, you should reinvent yourself and adapt by starting over. That does not mean that you should leave all your old habits behind, that just means that you should mix them together. It will make the transition much easier.

Not sure where to move? Consider Chicago!

The most popular destination in Illinois for Europeans is certainly Chicago. There are even communities made from the people that come from the same region. That is why choosing Chicago should not be a mistake! Of course, moving is the hard part and you need reliable professionals by your side. You can use Chicago Moving and Storage companies for everything that you need, for storing your items, etc.

Of course, moving can’t go without protection, especially at this level. You should always get moving insurance when moving to Chicago. You want to have as much protection as possible in the case something bad happens!


There is no shortcut to integrating yourself into a new place. But, you can see that there are certain tips that could make everything much easier. You need to try and overcome homesickness after leaving Europe because it will keep you down until you do it. That does not mean that you should rush yourself. Do it at your own pace and after the feeling passes, you will feel better than before!

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