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In today’s world, it is almost impossible to imagine living without a car. Even though it is quite an investment, more and more people become car owners every day. 91.5% of households in the USA own a car, with many owning more than one. Taking into consideration the fact that the average US resident moves 11 times in their lifetime, imagine how many cars need to be moved on a daily basis. There are different opinions about this. But when thinking about moving on a budget, hiring some moving companies Chicago is the right thing to do. In case you want to move your car to Chicago on a budget, we can also help.

What should you pay attention to before deciding to move a car?

Air pollution is a serious concern in the whole world. One-third of the air pollution in the USA comes from cars, so the question to ask is, how can you move your car and leave the smallest possible footprint? There are various options available that you should think about before getting some moving quotes Chicago, and we will discuss the most popular ones below.

Picture of colorful parked cars
When you are trying to move your car to Chicago on a budget, you should also think about the pollution problem

Driving to the destination

If you are moving locally, throwing a few moving boxes Chicago in your car’s trunk and driving to your destination is a good idea. Moving within the same state will give you the advantage of knowing the roads and the laws, so there won’t be many potential problems you can face. The only problem could be the amount of money you will spend on gas. The price of this non-renewable energy source rose by 50% compared to the beginning of 2022. With this information in mind, you will have two cons to worry about: pollution and gas prices.

You can move your car to Chicago on a budget with the help of skilled professionals

In the past, not many people would confide in auto transportation Chicago, but the situation has changed. They offer many benefits, for a reasonable price of $2.00 per mile if you are moving locally, and $0.58 if you are relocating long distance. Other benefits you will enjoy by making this decision are:

  • Decreased pollution – the point we made in the beginning stands, pollution is a problem, and this way you will diminish it. One large vehicle will transport up to 9 cars, which would end up spending gas by going in the same direction
  • Less mileage for your car – if you plan on selling your car, the price will decrease proportionately to the mileage that the car has passed. So, the less it has passed, the better
  • No car expenses – before a long trip, you should always bring your car to a mechanic: which will result in additional expenses from your moving budget. If you are shipping your car, you won’t drive it, so you can skip the mechanic visit
  • Stress-free move – preparing and driving your car to the destination brings additional stress into the mix. By giving this task to someone else, you can focus on other things that have to get done
Picture of a flatbed trailer trying to move your car to Chicago on a budget
For an affordable price, you can move your car stress-free

Moving your car will be less stressful if you know the area

Chicago is the capital of Illinois, with a population of roughly 2,7 million residents. With a steady population increase of 0.27%, you are not the only person trying to move your car to Chicago on a budget. Since it is a densely populated area, the 1.1 million cars in the city’s streets make finding parking difficult. Once you get to your new home, you need to register the car with the Department of Motor Vehicles Illinois, which will cost $306. Keep in mind that you have 30 days to do this post-moving, or you will risk paying a fee of 3%. We wish you good luck and an easy move!

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