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Have you started your relocation process, but you don’t know how to move your bulky items? Don’t worthy, many moving companies Chicago residents represent can help you with that matter! Relocating heavy and bulky items is never easy, which is why you should do an expensive preparation, as well as turn to professionals. They will help you handle the items in the best way possible. Furthermore, they’ll lessen your chance for injuries! To move your bulky items without stress, and stay injury-free, keep on reading!

move your bulky items
Get help from respectable movers to move your bulky items without inconvenience.

Where to start with organization to have stress-free move?

Tackling a move of your bulky items is never stress-free in the beginning. There are even some items that your movers won’t relocate. To make sure that you move your bulky items with as least stress as possible, try to:

  •  Organize as early as possible. Find respectable movers that can tackle the problem of moving your bulky items. Do it on time so you can book the relocation when it fits your schedule.
  • Use lists to stay organized. If you invite friends and family, make sure to keep the inventory list. 
  • Make sure that your bulky items are in the right state. If they’re too old, you risk getting hurt and overpaying for the relocation of those items.

Declutter before you move your bulky items

Declutter! Think long and hard whether you need that bulky item. Movers charge the most for big and bulky items and there are alternatives to moving them. You can simply throw items out, give them to someone who you know needs it, or donate them. If you’d like to have the item like that in your home, but it doesn’t fit the new layout – there’s a possible solution. You can sell the item in your current place of residence and use the funds to buy or order a similar one when you arrive at the new home. That way, you might find the item that fits your space better.

Move your bulky items but clean them first

Cleaning the furniture before relocation helps preserve the furniture pieces and prevent the damage. This is especially important in case that you want to place your items in storage. Usually, cleaning the items with damp cloth and a mild detergent, or simply with water, is enough. In case you have antique furniture, research appropriate cleaning methods.

Don’t skip on cleaning your items – you never know how long it’ll take you to unpack them.

Ask your friends and family to help you move the items

Bulky items can be problematic for several reasons. Some of them aren’t easy to carry because they’re shaped weirdly. Others may be too heavy to handle by yourself. Either way, you should ask your friends and family to help you move your bulky items. You can also turn to the professionals in case the items are too heavy and dangerous. Auto transportation Chicago is always at your disposal. Safety should be your number one concern during the relocation. You too can have a stress-free move, all you need to do is make the right decision and invite appropriate help!

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