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Appliances are tricky. Many homes are well-prepared with a functional refrigerator, dishwasher and stove, which make for a more simplified move. However, some places are BYOB (or BYOA in this case). Other times, residents prefer to bring the appliances from their previous home. Whatever the case, if you’re moving appliances, here are a few things to know:

• Stoves and ovens. For gas stoves, have a professional disconnect the appliance prior to moving. Likewise, you’ll need to arrange for a professional to reconnect the gas lines at your new residence. Don’t try to do this yourself; it’s important that gas lines are sealed correctly for you and your family’s safety. Electric ranges, however, generally do not require professional assistance.

• Washing machine. Clean and dry the interior and exterior of the washer thoroughly before disassembling. Disconnect and drain hoses before the movers arrive and make sure you drain all residual water. Also, talk to your movers about securing the washer’s drum, as you don’t want it to rock back and forth during transit.

• Dryers. First things first, clean that pesky lint trap. If you have a gas-powered dryer, have a professional technician disconnect the gas lines (ideally when they disconnect your gas stove).

• Refrigerators. Discard any perishable foods, as movers will not transport them. Thoroughly clean the fridge and allow it to dry to avoid mildew. Similarly, allow the freezer to unthaw and then clean and dry it too. Disconnect all power cords and pack them safely (you don’t want to lose these!). Lastly, if you have an ice maker or water line, you may have to have these reconnected by a professional at your new home.

• Dishwasher. Like all other appliances, make sure the dishwasher is cleaned and dried completely before the move. To ensure no moisture is left, leave the door open a couple days prior to the big move.

Keep in mind, moving heavy appliances, like washers and refrigerators, can be tricky to move and add costs to your overall total. For some, it’s more efficient to donate old appliances or sell them on Craigslist prior to moving. However, for some it is worth the hassle to keep your current appliances.

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