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There is a lot that you will need to take care of when you moving paintings and other artwork. These are expensive things – and just like with piano movers Chicago, you might want to consider calling experts. But if you do want to try and accomplish this by yourself – or just want to learn how to move artwork in order to prepare for your move – then we have what you need! Today, we look at how to best secure your paintings for the relocation.

How to move artwork in frames and prints

When you want to move your artwork that’s already in a frame, or you want to move a print, this is what you need to think about. First, you might want to contact your Des Plaines movers and ask for a picture box. It will be worth investing in because it is sure to keep your artwork safe. If your budget doesn’t allow it, then there are some steps you can still take to increase your artwork’s chances.

think about how to pack artwork with frames
Frames can make packing easy – but also difficult.

First, if the artwork has glass covering it, place some masking tape on it. Make an X or an asterisk (*) with the tape over the glass. This way, you prevent vibrations and moving around – which can break the glass. Of course, you will not do this if there is no glass! Instead, you will want to protect the painted side. You can use plastic wrap or sheets of palette wrap. Make sure you stretch it so you prevent friction, and you will keep your artwork safe from moisture.

When it comes to the frame, consider getting cardboard corners. These will make sure the frame doesn’t chip away during transport. You might also want to invest in a bubble pack, which will provide some extra padding.

How to pack your sculptures

Packing sculptures can be a bit tougher. The challenge really is any irregularity that it might have – an extension or a hole in it. So you will need to cover the sculpture in cling wrap in order to protect it. Get through all the nook and crannies in order to ensure the best level of safety for the sculpture.

Sculptures can have odd shapes that make moving it hard.

Then, start wrapping it with the bubble pack. Make sure you again enforce the vulnerable parts of the sculpture with extra padding for extra protection. These will be the things to wrap first, and then wrap the sculpture as a whole. Then put what you got in the box for extra protection, and fill it up with packing peanuts. This way, even if it starts jumping around, it should stay contained inside. Of course, make sure you seal the box carefully, and you will be ready for your move!

Finally, it’s important to note that professionals know exactly how to move artwork. They will help you with ease, so make sure you call them if you feel unsure about the whole process!

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