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Relocations are never simple nor cheap. The second of these two facts is made exceptionally clear after the first time you move and is the direct consequence of the first one. Since relocations are not in any way simple, they require a lot of effort, logistical capability, and technical know-how to be successfully completed. Therefore, there is a whole industry around it. Naturally, companies competing in the moving are in it for the profit and will require a pretty penny for their needed services. However, there are ways to minimize costs. The most straightforward way of decreasing the final cost of the move is addressing additional services the movers provide that are either doable by yourself or can be made cheaper by some other means. That is exactly why we will be talking about packing and on how to minimize packing costs before your move.

Downsizing before moving

First and foremost, let’s talk about how the price is set and why downsizing is a good way to make packing costs less. The weight of the items, and their volume, is one of three main variables of the moving formula, the other two being the distance and time needed for the move. If the distances are considered to be big (long-distance relocation) weight is even more crucial, as then it becomes the main variable that sets to price of the upcoming move via affordable movers Chicago of your choice.

a cluttered room
It’s time to declutter!

Decreasing the number of items that are being transported in that truck will greatly decrease the price you are going to pay for the relocation of the said items. Simple as that. Therefore, let’s turn towards downsizing. Downsizing is a good way to offset some of the costs. When you are relocating, you are already having to deal with packing all of the items around the house. There is no better time to be downsizing than during the preparation for relocation.

There are really three main things you can do with the items when you are downsizing, short of throwing them into the garbage:

  • You can sell the items. That will directly increase your budget, therefore, helping you to minimize packing costs before your move. You can use the online method of selling, or simply turn towards the good-old garage sales.
  • You can also donate the items to the charity of choice in your area. There is a good chance they will take pretty much anything. Furniture, clothes, toys, etc. Anything can be of worth to them.
  • Finally, you can also store the items in a storage unit. These are sometimes provided by the moving companies, therefore you might get a better price if you go with theirs.

DIY or Professionals?

This might look like a fairly straightforward question. When trying to minimize packing costs before your move it would stand to reason that you should try to do it yourself rather than to hire professionals that will make you pay for the additional service. However, things are not that simple. There are plenty of reasons for and against doing the packing by yourself. Let’s look into them.


  • No costs of packing and moving – Just what it says on the cover – no company, no fee.
  • You can do it whenever you want – You are your own boss and can do it on your own time, rather than by the schedule of the companies availability.
  • Easier organizationIf you want something done, do it by yourself. Well, it can hold true for packing. If you don’t have anyone else to coordinate with, taking your time with the packing is a definite pro.


  • Possible damage to items – Humans make mistakes, and this holds true for amateurs especially. While you definitely value your possessions, a simple lack of skill will probably deal with some damage to the item. That can be avoided by hiring professionals.
  • A lot of time consumption – When you are doing the packing DIY style, there are a lot of things that you have to be mindful of. That certainly takes time. Packing is a labor-intensive process that can take hours or even days. Not everyone has that kind of time.
  • You have to get your own supplies – When packing DIY you also have to provide your own supplies. There are plenty of ways to find packing supplies in Chicago, or anywhere else for that matter, but it certainly is a con.

Hiring a good moving company

A good way to minimize packing costs before your move is to actually hire a good moving company that offers affordable, yet good service.

a amn lookingtrough the teleskope
Finding the perfect company can be easy!)

When you are searching for a good Des Plaines moving company or a company for your own locality, you need to read the reviews as much as possible. That way you will know if you are working with reputable companies. Once that step is done,  make a selection based on prices. The most affordable one wins!

Learn how to do it right

And, if you re doing it by yourself, make sure you do everything in your power to be as good at it as furniture movers Chicago. Losing money on damaged goods is not a good way to minimize costs.

Use free supplies to minimize packing costs before your move

One way to offset the price of packing is to use free supplies. These are easier to come by than you might think. There are two main methods.

packing supplies
Sometimes you can get supplies for free!


Eather you get packing supplies in person, from a shop that no longer need a literal metric ton of boxes or someone that recently moved, or online, through “free” column posts on Craiglist and other platforms. This kind of free supplies will greatly help you in minimizing packaging costs before moving.

Get packing!

With this guide, you are set to get packing! Get free supplies, start packing early, and see if you need any help. These three things will greatly reduce the cots and help you minimize packing costs before you move. Hopefully, it will all go as smoothly as possible! Bon, voyage!

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