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Moving is a difficult process — not only do you have to relocate all of your belongings, but you also need to get acquainted with your new surroundings. Your neighbors play a large part in how comfortable you will feel in your new home. Luckily, Northbrook is a welcoming community and you should have no trouble fitting in. There are many activities you can organize or join that will help you meet your neighbors. Organize a housewarming party, visit the Chicago Botanic Gardens, go to the many parks community events Northbrook has, or get into gardening and landscaping – all of these activities can help you make new friends and truly start being a part of the community. After you are finished moving, you can also invite the best movers Chicago over for a drink. Many of them are locals and can help you meet new people.

Go to Community Events

Going to any community event – from family activities to open council meetings – is a great way to meet your neighbors after moving to Northbrook. By getting into the nitty-gritty of local activities you will truly become a part of your new neighborhood. Check out bulletin boards or social media groups and see what piques your interest. What’s more, you can even ask moving companies Northbrook IL for advice on what the locals are interested in. No matter what group you join, it will help you connect with your new community.

Group of people talking.
Going to community events will help you to meet your neighbors.

Visit the Chicago Botanic Garden

If you are into botany, you can meet your like-minded neighbors in the Chicago Botanic Garden. It is only a short drive away from Northbrook, so you can be sure many locals also visit. You will find the 385 acres of land of the Botanic Garden beautiful. Additionally, they offer 27 different environments for you to enjoy. They are easy to find and very popular with Northbrook locals. You are sure to meet your new neighbors if you visit regularly. Moreover, the Gardens even offer a multitude of educational programs, if you want to get new certificates or degrees. 

Gardening and Landscaping Can Help You Meet Your Neighbors

Northbrook, IL is a small and tightly-knit community. Consequently, many of its residents prefer slow-paced activities like gardening and landscaping. This is a fun way to spend your time and you also keep your home tidy. You don’t need to have any knowledge on how to do it properly – start off with a quick Google search and continue from there. Asking your new neighbors for advice will help you meet them. The easiest way to meet new people is if you share an interest, and gardening and landscaping are just the way to do it.

How to meet your neighbors.
Gardening is a fun activity you can do with your neighbors.

Organize a Housewarming Party

Organizing a housewarming party is the best way to meet your neighbors. It doesn’t need to be anything large or extravagant. Offering some drinks and snacks is more than enough. Your neighbors will understand that you moved recently and don’t have the time or energy to arrange a lavish event. Knock on a few doors and tell your neighbors to invite their friends – a housewarming party will help you get fully acquainted with the community. Furthermore, you can even invite your long-distance movers Chicago over for a drink. They will appreciate the gesture. We wish you the best of luck in your new community!

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