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Moving is hard but doable if you have a proper plan behind it. You should organize, pack, and find experienced Chicago area movers. And if you do it all on time you will relocate successfully. Although, if you want to make your relocation environmentally-friendly there are a few additional steps you should consider. Let us show you how to organize such a relocation.

Plan ahead and make your relocation environmentally-friendly

The plan behind an environmentally-friendly move is in packing materials you use. But half of the work is behind your moving company. Therefore, you must find one that can support your request. Search online and find a few good companies that offer a green move. This means they should possess the knowledge and the means to relocate without any significant environmental impact. So, find such a company and give them a call to organize your green move. Make sure you confirm the legitimacy of the moving company. Also, they should have all the permits and licenses to operate. Ask all the questions and ensure they follow the safety measures and protocols required for an environmentally-friendly relocation.

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Find your movers and make sure you confirm they can support a green move.

Use eco-friendly packing supplies

As we said, packing supplies matter the most. Yes, you will still use cardboard moving boxes and packing tape. But you should focus on reusable and biodegradable materials if possible. Those can be a bit more expensive but they won’t pose any threat to the environment. Hence, if you want to make your relocation environmentally-friendly you should focus on plastic reusable bins and packing tape as the only plastic materials you’ll use for this move. The rest will be supported by cardboard, wood, and other biodegradable materials. Also, use items from your home as much as possible. Focus on blankets, old cloth, shirts, sheets, etc. Use them for the cushion and wrapping.

If you decide on purchasing the packing service from your moving company check if they have packing supplies Chicago for this occasion. And green moving company sure has.

Declutter and downsize to make your relocation environmentally-friendly

This is the perfect timing to organize a pre-move purge. By removing the items you rarely use you will bring less junk into your new home and your move will be cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly. Therefore, inspect all your items and furniture and pile them up. You will surely find various items that can be sold, recycled, donated, or given away. Just be mindful of chemicals and other dangerous materials. Ensure you dispose of hazardous waste the right way.

Cluttered abandoned space
Get rid of all the clutter and recycle as much as possible.

Now, if you are moving into a smaller apartment or for any reason you want to keep some of your items, but lack the space to support it, consider renting a storage unit. Check with your local Chicago Moving and Storage company and figure out the best solution for you.

Recycle your leftovers

Another great way to support your relocation is to reuse packing materials. You can either purchase already used materials online or borrow from a friend. This means you are not introducing another batch of packing materials into the circulation. Also, once you are done relocating, you can do the same. Just give your packing supplies to someone who can reuse them. Or simply visit the nearest recycling center and make sure they are processed accordingly.

Now you know a few simple ways on how to make your relocation environmentally-friendly. Keep your focus on packing materials and recycle your unused items. This way you won’t bring more junk into the world but reuse the one that is already there. Congratulations, you made a difference! Now get ready for moving and good luck!

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