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Relocation is something that represents a new start for someone. Moreover, if you inspect your Park Ridge home before you move in you can prevent a lot of stress and problems in the future. Hiring movers Park Ridge can help you ensure a good relocation experience. However, you should always make sure the house you move into is ready for your new chapter in life. That is why, in this article, we will help you learn what aspects of your new home you should inspect and how to approach it properly. Your new home is your soon-to-be haven and it needs to provide everything that will make your new life easier. By this, we mean on the basic functionality of the home, the features it has and the overall condition of the home.

Inspect your Park Ridge home to ensure a good start

When we move, we want everything to go as smooth as possible. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, because relocation can become overwhelming, you want to finish it as smooth as you can. For instance, if you hire best movers in Chicago you can ensure a good relocation experience. Secondly, the condition of your new home will play a big part in how well you start your new life. Solely for these two reasons, you should approach the inspection seriously and make sure everything works properly. Moreover, this inspection will allow you to see if there are any improvements you want to make. So, to help you understand – here are the main aspects you should look out for:

  • Overall condition of the house
  • The state of the interior items
  • The neighborhood and the surroundings
  • If furnished – inspect the state of the furniture
  • Plumbing and electricity
a person writting things down in a notebook
Check every detail of your new home and write down all the issues you find to see if the home requires a lot of work

No one likes to have work once they relocate. To avoid this, you want to make sure you check everything before you move in.

Overall condition of the house

The overall condition of the house is the first thing you will notice and the first thing you should check. Namely, just by approaching the house, you can determine how well kept it is based on the exterior of the home. However, not to judge a book by its covers, once you are inside make sure that everything is in one piece. Inspect the walls and make sure that there are no cracks. Check beneath the windows and see if the moisture creates mold underneath. Inspect the windows and the condition they are in. Moreover, check the floors, ceilings and the overall condition of the house. Having to fix something, whether by yourself or with the help of the owner is a real hustle, especially for your first days in the house. Take a walk around the house and inspect every small detail about the construction.

The state of interior items

If you bought or rent a home that has some furnish inside make sure you check the condition of those items. Especially if you are going to use them. More importantly, if you want to use certain items from the home, you should notify your local movers Chicago to not move any excess items. Firstly, you can reduce the cost of moving by doing so. Secondly, you can sell or donate the items you have in the home already and increase your moving budget.

an interior of a house as an important part when you inspect your Park Ridge house
Inspecting the interior of the house will tell you if there is any work you need to put in an how serious the issues are – if there are any

When you inspect your Park Ridge home make sure that everything inside the house is functional. For instance, you should also check if the carpets are clean and in good condition or if the window blinds are not broken. If there are cupboards or any appliances – make sure they work or that they are not damaged.

Inspect your Park Ridge home and the surroundings

When we speak of surroundings we are talking about the neighborhood and the front/back yard of your home. The neighborhood is the best indicator of what living in the area is like. Moreover, the state of the front or back yard will tell you how much work is ahead if you move in. For instance, a bad lawn or a shed in a poor condition will mean that you will have to work on it or fix it. Now, fixing the lawn can sometimes be a good way to de-stress, depending on how much free time you have. The exterior view and the surroundings of your new home will always be the first impression. So, check everything to make sure you leave a good impression for future visitors.

Inspect the condition of the furniture – if the home is furnished

The most important thing to look for when moving into a furnished home is to inspect the overall condition of the furniture. This is something you will be using on a daily basis. Because of that, the furniture needs to be in good condition. More importantly, it needs to be comfortable and not worn out. If you have your own furniture to bring in, see if the condition of your furniture is better than the ones in your new home. Moreover, see which one fits your aesthetics better and opt for that piece. The excess furniture can be sold or donated.

Plumbing and electricity

To avoid any moving day mistakes you need to make sure the plumbing and the electricity inside the home are working as they should.  This is an important part of the process, as it can induce headaches and stress if they do not work properly. Check your bathroom and kitchen to see if there are any leaks or issues.

a person checking the condition of the plumbing in the kitchen
Plumbing and electricity issues can cause stress and financial tolls, so make sure they are in mint condition

Moreover, see if all the wall sockets work and if circuit breakers are in good condition. The electricity and plumbing issues can cause serious damage and financial tolls. Inspect your Park Ridge home properly and in detail before you decide to move in.

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