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Are you wondering how you can increase the value of your Mount Prospect prospect? Although you may not think that way, owning a property so close to one of the largest cities in the states, Chicago, is truly a privilege. Having a successful Mount Prospect rental property, however, does require a lot of time, effort, experience and knowledge. But, lucky for you, we’re here to save you that time, effort, and frustration that comes with gaining the experience. We’ve been in this industry for so long and our moving companies Mount Prospect IL know the area very well and always know what’s happening on the market. We will now share with you pieces of information that we think you might find useful if you are looking to up the value of your property.

A miniature house and keys on the table
Now is the best time to increase the value of your Mount Prospect property

How quickly do homes sell in Mount Prospect, IL?

This is the first question everyone always asks us. How quickly do traditional homes sell in a village 20 miles away from a big city? You should know that the trends are always changing. Right now, we can easily say that even investing in a property in Mount Prospect is smart. Over the past year, Mount Prospect’s home values have gone up 10.1%. I guess people have realized how valuable the out of town properties are during this pandemic. Our movers Chicago witnessed many people moving out of town in the suburban areas last year. And as of right now, the typical value of homes in Mount Prospect is $355,792.

However, know that how quickly a home sells is based almost entirely on its price! And that is not to say homes should be priced low, but the price should be realistic. Note that homes priced correctly from the start sell much faster than homes that are overpriced from the start. Homes ought to be priced at the highest level the market will bear for the location of the home (which you cannot change) and its condition (which you can change).

How you can increase the value of your Mount Prospect property?

If you want your home to be worth more than when you bought it, there are quite a few ways to add value. Both low cost and higher cost. If you see that you have areas in your home with furniture that are not repairable, consider throwing it out. In case you wonder what to do with old furniture, read this article.

Low-Cost Tips

  • Make sure your house is clean and freshly painted
  • Add curb appeal and stage the property
  • Change some fixtures (like a doorknob or handles)

Moderate to High-Cost Tips

  • Add architectural details
  • Change your flooring, windows, and doors
  • Update kitchen and bathroom
  • Try to create a more functional floor plan
  • See if you can add more square footage
renovating the kitchen
Renovating only one essential room in your house can do a lot for its’ rent value.

While trying to increase the value of your Mount Prospect property is a great thing, be cautious not to over-improve your home. For example, an over-improvement could be putting high-end Viking appliances in a home located in a middle-class neighborhood. You can go through Golan’s Moving & Storage blog page for more useful real estate advice. You don’t want to spend so much money on a renovation and then not be able to see a return on your investment, don’t you?

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