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You’re planning to relocate with your whole family this year? If you’re feeling stressed about the process and the number of things you need to do, don’t worry. Moving is a very demanding task, and packing alone can cause many headaches. That’s why you’ve got your family to help you! The packing process can be a fun adventure for all of you. The only thing you need is a bit of planning with the next few tips on how to include all family members in the packing process when moving. We will make sure that everything runs smoothly. The only thing left to do after that is rely on the affordable movers Chicago to make your new house feel like home.

Moving is already hard when you do it on your own, packing especially. To include your whole family in the packing process when moving is definitely a win-win situation. With so many items, small and big, it can be really overwhelming and the right support is necessary. Residential movers Chicago will be your second family during the moving process. Follow the next few tips to get the most out of your experience:

 Tip #1 – Create a timeline

In order to get everything done in time, you need to make an organized timeline with all the obligations. This way, it will be impossible to forget something. A moving calendar can also be of great help.

a calendar for moving to include all family members in packing process while moving
A packing calendar can be a lifesaver!

Before starting to pack, sit down with your family and start planning! Use a big sheet of paper and lots of colorful markers to mark the exact dates and responsible family members for particular obligations. For example, What?Packing the kids’ bedroom; When? – 1st week Monday and Tuesday; Who? – Dad and kids… etc. Let your kids write it down and have fun with it. Also, you can make a big calendar and divide the sheet into days of the month. It’s creative and useful!

However, don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time. In an ideal situation, you will need at least a whole month to finish packing properly. The rooms you use the most should be packed last, and vice versa. Start with the storage spaces, attic, and basement and finish with the bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen.

Tip #2 – Delegate

Packing can be a group adventure when everyone is involved. But, it’s still a difficult task, no matter how fun it might be. Just like any job, everybody needs to know exactly what they do. Dividing roles and delegating is an important factor when it comes to a successful packing process. Assign each member a certain thing to do, our divide by rooms. Each family member gets certain rooms which they need to pack or organize. If you have small children, they can help too! Give them some small tasks, for example, putting the cushioning in the boxes or putting their toys in them.

mother and daughter organizing the packing process
Every member of the family can do something!

Another tip is to make a task list that will follow the packing calendar. That way you will perfectly cover the who, when, and what in an organized way.

Tip #3 – Sort your items

If you were living in one place for a long time, you must have collected numerous items which you rarely use or don’t need at all. This is the ideal time to sort your items. Also, it’s the perfect way to include your whole family in the packing process! Each family member can categorize the items from their own rooms. The categories should be:

  • Keep
  • Sell
  • Give
  • Recycle
  • Throw away

Think about it – do you really need that food mixer which you haven’t used for a few years? Or if your children need those old textbooks from the first grade? Giving it to a friend, neighbor, or to charity can be a perfect option for everyone. Also, why not recycle some of your old stuff? It’s good for you and for the environment.

Another great option for the whole family is organizing a yard sale! Get all the items that you think you can sell in your front yard and let your children be salesmen for a day. It’s fun for the whole family, gets rid of a lot of unused items and your kids can earn some pocket money!

Tip #4 – Decide if you need professional help

Packing can be very time and money-consuming. In case you are short on time and feel like you need professional help, talk to your family and get their inputs as well. Decide as a group if you want to hire professional packers to do the job for you. Or, if you need assistance with packing supplies, you can count on the affordable packing supplies Chicago.

Tip #5 – Throw a packing party

Why not enjoy your old house in its full glory for one last time? Invite your friends and family, neighbors, kids’ friends from school and say goodbye in style and make some last memories. Make use of the food, snacks, and drinks that are left in your fridge and pantry. Once you start the packing process, you will see that the pantry is the hardest one to pack. So, use the food you have, but can’t take with you, for the party!

man and woman cooking for a goodbye party
Use up the food in your pantry by cooking for a goodbye party.

Tip #6 – Label the boxes

One of the most important steps that is usually ignored while packing is labeling. This way, you can know exactly what is inside each box and it helps make everything more systematic. Unpacking will also be a piece of cake when you know where everything is. This step is especially important with fragile items and the ones that need special care.

Most importantly, labeling the boxes is the perfect way to include your all family members in the packing process when moving. Your children can decorate and draw on the boxes with markers. Let them have fun with it and you will quickly see how much you’re enjoying it yourself.

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