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These days, it is more common to hear of people downsizing homes rather than companies downsizing their office. In a large home, items tend to clutter up in the basement, and the maintenance is expensive. Because of this, it makes sense to handle moving into a smaller apartment. However, getting to that point is not so easy. How to decide what to take with you, and what to leave? Will I be able to hire movers Elmwood Park IL on time? How to get rid of the extra stuff? Will you be able to find a smaller apartment that still fits your needs? There are so many questions around this subject, and we are here to help you find some answers.

Get ready to downsize your home

The important thing is not to feel limited. If you are downsizing because you need to, that may give the whole move a sour feeling. However, there are so many things to love about moving into a smaller apartment. Your upkeep will be easier, and the maintenance will be much lower. In addition, after living in a large home for years, not having to host larger groups of people may come as a relief. Or perhaps you will be moving closer to some urban center, so you will reduce the need for your car. Try thinking of the benefits of downsizing and keep them in mind during the process. Be positive and keep your eyes on the prize, and everything will be fine.

small yellow house with blue doors
In a small home, every bit of space counts

Decide on what you need, or want, the most in your home and living space. Think about this hard and be honest with yourself. If you have items that you absolutely need but can’t carry with you, storage Skokie is a great solution. It is not likely that you will get everything you want in your new home. However, if you stick to your top three priorities, you can get the things most important to you. For example, is it really important to have a private backyard? How vital are open floor plans with lots of light? A separate room for each member of the household? Factors like these will quickly guide you to spaces that may be a good fit for you, and move past options that don’t suit you.

Decide what needs to go

Imagine you magically lost everything you own forever. What would you be the most sad about? What would you need to instantly replace to move on with your life? The answers to these questions should make the start of your “definitely keeping” list. You can easily talk yourself into keeping something you don’t need. But letting go is much, much harder. The process should be much easier if you identify the most important items from the very start. A moving checklist will help you out a lot. Get rid of the obvious stuff right after this. Things like that broken toaster in the basement, or the pile of books you’ve been meaning to donate to the library. Take all the time you need, because it’ll be worth it in the end. A whole day of decluttering really does the body good, and will give you the motivation to continue.

person trying to handle moving to a smaller apartment
Make a list of the most important things and stick to it

When you live in a big house with plenty of room for stockpiling, things can get out of hand rather fast. It becomes very easy to stash things just in case you might need them someday. But, when the time comes to handle moving into a smaller apartment, it’s usually “use it or lose it”. Whatever is in a good enough condition not to be thrown out, can be donated to a charity and not be wasted. If you need anything, you can go out and get it fairly easily. It is also wise to avoid as many duplicate items as you can. You will hardly need multiple sets of china and glassware. And are five pairs of scissors really necessary? Whatever may be seen as convenient in a large home simply will not work in a smaller space.

Plan ahead to easily handle moving into a smaller apartment

There is no doubt that you will have to make some compromises, with the price, location, or style. Try to again have a list of priorities and base your decision on that. For some, a large bedroom with a small, private balcony would be a great choice. Others prefer a smaller, darker bedroom, so long as the main living space is open and sunny. Know yourself and what is important to you, and stick to it. If you are living with a partner, both of you should make a list of priorities, and combine them into a perfect living space. Sometimes, even the best-laid plans can go wrong. So don’t feel too bad if the already weighted down collection of plates doesn’t fit in the new cupboard. You can skip some of this last-minute reorganizing if you make adjustments as soon as you know where you will be moving.

small bedroom with a skylight
You will be in a much smaller space, so make the most of it

Those few final weeks will give you a chance to replace a couple of pieces of furniture with smaller pieces that will fit the home better. Another great thing to do is to equip your new home with plenty of storage space wherever it is possible. Alternatively, some moving companies offer affordable storage solutions. You could install cabinets, under bed storage or closet shelves, and make the most of your living space. This is a smart investment because when you handle moving into a smaller apartment, storage can enhance your daily life quality. With these solutions, you won’t have to dig through your basement or attic for hours. Of course, this also means you must be vigilant about bringing new stuff into your home without planning where it will go.

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