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Are you planning to move to a new office? But you don’t know where to start and what to do. There are two main things. First, you have to find office space in Chicago that will satisfy your needs. Second, you should look for some affordable movers Chicago has to offer, but keeping in mind quality and safety. And if you are wondering what features to look for while browsing new offices, you have come to the right place. We will present you with the ultimate tips on how to do it right.

How to find good movers?

There are many reliable moving companies where prices are equivalent to the quality of service they provide. After you find commercial space in Chicago, you will need to move all the stuff there. And in order to choose one of the commercial movers Chicago has in its array, you should pay attention to the following questions:

  • Do people from your immediate surroundings have some experience with them?
  • Does that moving company have good reviews online?
  • Can you contact or get to them easily?
  • Do they answer your questions in a clear and precise way?
  • Are their prices reasonable compared to what other movers offer?
Office with computers
If you have lots of furniture and equipment, then you need to choose movers and storage carefully.

Renting storage when looking for Chicago office space

Unpredictable things might happen, such as having to move offices very quickly, but without any idea where. Then, you will probably need some storage in the vicinity. You need only two words to explore with your browser — storage Skokie. Magic won’t happen. But you will certainly get to some storage unit to keep your belongings before you find office space in Chicago. It is of utmost importance that the storage you choose is safe and clean. It must be dry and without any traces of moisture. 

Budget wisely to find office space in Chicago

The most important thing is to know your budget, i.e. how much you actually have. You should also create a plan on how much you can spend to find commercial space in Chicago. Since you are most probably going to rent some offices, rather than buy them, you should keep in mind that you can afford the amount of monthly or annual rent. That’s why you must plan it well in advance and get advice from the people who are in charge of your company’s finances.  

If you are moving from one to another working space, you should plan that as well. There are many steps to take then. If you don’t have much time, you should find a way of making your office relocation go faster but you will need lots of help. Ask your employees to assist as much as they can and find some good movers too. 

Think about the size of the office

The office size you need greatly depends on the number of employees. And it is not only the number of currently employed people but also the number of people you are going to recruit in the future. If you are looking for Chicago office space for a small firm of around 10 employees, you don’t need much space. Most employers use a rule of thumb that says 1000 square feet is enough for every four to five employees

A man in an office
Mind the size and density of the new office space.

Find office space in Chicago keeping in mind classification

There are three main classes of commercial space. Let’s take a look at their characteristics.

  1. Class A: If you want to find office space in Chicago that is super modern and fancy, then go for Class A. It is the most expensive, though. Such space generally belongs to new buildings in the most wanted locations, with well-organized amenities, parking lots, and large floors.
  2. Class B: These buildings are usually those that downgraded from Class A because of age and slightly bad maintenance. 
  3. Class C: These are buildings with not so ample and modern amenities. Their location is usually away from the most desirable. These can be good for small start-ups. 

Ask your employees in order to find office space in Chicago

It is a good idea to involve your employees in the decision-making process. In order to find commercial space in Chicago, you can ask them which location they think is the best. You might come to a solution to pick a location that will be close to everyone’s home. Of course, not everyone will be exactly 10 minutes away from work, but it might end up that everyone needs to commute for around 20 to 30 minutes. 

People in the office discussing how to find office space in Chicago
Discuss various options for new office space with your employees.

Hire an agent to find commercial space in Chicago

While looking for an agent, you will have to do some research. You can ask your colleagues, business partners, friends, etc. if they know anyone who is reliable. If not, check online reviews and LinkedIn profiles of the agents you are interested in. You wouldn’t like to hire an agent who has been unsuccessful in his job and find commercial space in Chicago that will cause you lots of trouble. A good agent must be familiar with the market and recent trends. 

Choose a reliable landlord

One of the worst things to happen is to fall in love with space at first sight but end up with an unlawful landlord. That’s one of the things your agent should know — who is a good landlord. Imagine you find office space in Chicago that looks great and affordable, but shortly problems occur and your landlord doesn’t lift a finger. You should know the existing rules and laws that can help you. It is essential that you and your landlord have a good business relationship.

Everything is negotiable

Should you feel like you need anything, don’t be afraid of asking. You can negotiate everything while looking for Chicago office space or even later with your landlords. The worst thing that might result from it is to get a negative answer. And then you can say you have tried it at least.

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