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Many people are passionate about fitness. No matter the reason, losing weight or just wanting to be active, many people decide to make this part of their lives. The most dedicated ones even go to the lengths of getting their home gym. While it is quite an investment, it is also very convenient to have one. For example, during the lockdown, there was no open gym that you could go to. But the people with gym equipment at home could easily go on with their workout routine. But when getting these machines, no one thinks about having to move them with you one day. This is the time when the question of how to disassemble your elliptical machine comes up. Some professional movers Chicago will know the answer. And so will you after reading our guide.

What are the steps you need to take to disassemble your elliptical machine?

Elliptical machines seem very complicated both to put together and apart. But if you have put together your gym equipment by yourself, you can easily take it apart. This is true only if you assembled it recently. Now that you have to move with some residential movers Chicago, it is time to learn how to disassemble your elliptical machine. You can do it by:

  • Get the right tools
  • Plan out the time to do it
  • Follow the steps
Picture of a woman working out
When you need to disassemble your elliptical machine, you will feel intimidated

Right tools

Every job is easier to do with the right tools. If you want to take apart your gym equipment, it is impossible without some basic tools. If you like to do household maintenance tasks yourself, you likely already have everything. All you will need is a screwdriver, Allen Keys, and locking pliers. Once you finish using them, make sure to pack them in some moving boxes Chicago. You will also need them for putting it back together in your new home, so try not to lose them.

Plan out the time

If you have no distractions around, doing this will take you around two hours. You can do this while your moving helpers are using some packing supplies Chicago to pack your items. Time is short during a move, so you should try to work fast, but still do everything carefully and the right way.

Follow the steps

When disassembling this gym equipment, you will have only one way to go when doing this. First, remove the stride arms, after remove the resistance assembly and take off the arm pivot bearings. After, remove the cables, pedals, pivot arms, and pivot bearings. Lastly, disassemble the frame, and take it apart with your hands. After you have everything in pieces, you should clean it with the appropriate cleaner. All the things entering your new home should be clean, gym equipment included.

Picture of a screwdriver used to disassemble your elliptical machine
You need to follow the right steps

When you disassemble your elliptical machine, you need to plan enough time to do it. If you have never done it before, it will take more time than usual. For many people, it is better to leave it behind than go through all the moving stress to move it with you. We wish you good luck!

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