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Having a patio is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in front of your house. The people who have it should consider themselves lucky, especially in big cities. The majority of people who have a patio, also have a patio swing. It is a great way to lounge, spend time with your friends or even sleep in the fresh air. When you bought it, you likely didn’t think about having to move it one day, But now that you are moving with some professional movers Chicago, it is time to move your patio furniture as well. That also includes your patio swing. In this guide, we will teach you how to disassemble a patio swing.

What are the steps to disassemble a patio swing?

A patio swing is not difficult to take apart, but if you have never done it, you might need a little guidance. The same goes for moving. If you are moving for the first time, it is highly advised to move with the help of some residential movers Chicago. To dismantle a patio swing, you need to:

  • Disassemble all the pieces that can be taken apart
  • Label all the pieces
  • Put effort into not losing the screws
Picture of a blue patio swing
It is not difficult to dismantle a patio swing if you know how to do it


A patio swing comes with various pieces. The number of detachable pieces depends on the type of patio swing you have, but all of them have at least one removable part. That is usually the swing itself. It can be taken off from the main construction that holds the swing in place. Other pieces that can be taken off are the sun cover on top and the springs on the sides. If you take off all of the detachable things and put them in some moving boxes Chicago, you will have them all in a place that will keep them safe.

Label all the pieces

Some of the pieces from your patio swing might be too big to fit in a box, and you will have to leave them without one. To avoid scratches, you can wrap it in plastic foil, bubble wrap, or other packing supplies Chicago. On top of that, don’t forget to put a tape with the label saying what it is. You can easily lose your patio swing pieces in the mess of moving.

Put effort into not losing the screws

Screws are tiny but very important pieces of any furniture piece, your patio swing included. It might not have many, but you can not put it back together without them. It will be a bummer to have to go to the hardware store to buy new screws because you lost the old ones. And in some cases, you might not even find that kind of screws. To avoid that, put the screws from the swing together in one place or even separate them by the place where to take them out from. If there are more, tape them together to the place they belong and label them.

Picture of lined up screws
When you dismantle a patio swing don’t forget to put the screws someplace safe

Conclusion on how to dismantle a patio swing

Once you manage to disassemble a patio swing, you will know that your moving day is coming closer. But once you put it back together, you will be able to enjoy it once again. You can even use it as extra seating space for your housewarming party. We wish you good luck and a happy move!

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