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Do you know how to decorate your rental office? If the answer is no, then you’re at the right place. Golan’s Moving & Storage will help you with some easy, wallet-friendly decorating tips. The space that we work in is often the time where we spend the most time during the day or week. It’s only logical that you’ll want to feel good in your office. Rental offices are tricky because you can’t edit it in the way you’d like. For example, you can’t drill a hole to hang a painting or make any permanent change unless the owner agrees. That’s why we’ve prepared tips to help you decorate your rental office! 

 decorate your rental office
Decorate your rental office with items that will make it pop!

Decorate your rental office with these simple tips!

To decorate your rental office, you can hire some of the Chicago office movers to bring some furniture pieces in your new space. Think about what you can do that won’t change the morphology of the room:

  • Tape the posters or pictures on the surfaces that are easily cleaned. Such surfaces are often doors, wardrobes, shelf sides, and similar. 
  • Hang the decorative items around the pipes, from the wardrobe doors, and from anything that can handle the weights. 
  • Place your favorite items all around the office. That will spark positive emotions and help you remember why you’re working so hard! 

Introduce plants in your office

Introducing plants is a simple and convenient way to make your office a more pleasant space to work in. They’re the go-to decoration elements in home offices as well! Not only will they produce more oxygen, but they’ll bring more green color which is, as psychologists say, soothing. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to devote to taking care of plants, there are convenient options for you as well! Get a few of many available cactuses and succulents, or go to the flower store and consult with the seller. They’ll know exactly what kind of plant is good for the conditions in your rental office! 

It’s easy to overlook those items!

The items that often affect our space but we tend to overlook are the drapes and rug. They can make the space seem more spacious, lighter, and more open. Take a look at them and see if they fit the space well. If not, it’s time for a change! Another item that we forget often is a mirror. To decorate your rental office easily and make it seem bigger, place a mirror and enjoy the additional light! Moreover, you can place it where the sun rays hit, and have even more light in the office.

plant in an office
Getting a plant is simple way of making your office more green, oxygenated, and decorated!

Place your favorite pictures on the table to decorate your rental office!

If you want to bring your paintings, pictures, or fragile items from home into the office, keep in mind that you should pack them properly to avoid the damage. To decorate your rental office, make sure that those items reach it safely. Get the standing frames and fill them in with your favorite photos and memorabilia. If you have the big furniture pieces that you’d like to place inside the office, make sure to call the reliable movers. Are you ready to decorate your rental office and start enjoying the work? 

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