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Moving is a difficult endeavor and the most important thing is staying informed and organized. This includes knowing the cost of your upcoming move. Hiring professional movers Chicago will take the weight off your shoulders and make your moving experience easier and much less stressful. So, all you need to do in order to be prepared is calculate the cost of your relocation to Chicago, and you can follow our guide below to find out exactly how!

Calculate the cost of your relocation to Chicago – the first step

When relocating, you want to minimize the possibility of any unexpected costs. The factors which will influence your move to Chicago are:

  1. Distance
  2. The complexity of the move
  3. Time
  4. Size of your belongings
  5. Insurance
  6. Additional services

Take these factors into consideration and begin planning by making a list. Think about the items you need to move, in which category they belong or if you have any special, fragile items that need extra care. Think about the distance of your move to Chicago and the time of year you plan on moving. Then you can start to calculate the cost of your move to Chicago. Generally speaking, the cost of a long-distance move is between 1000 and 5000 dollars. At Golan’s Moving & Storage a long-distance move will cost even less, so check it out!

A woman trying to calculate the cost of your relocation to Chicago
How to calculate the cost of your relocation to Chicago?

Why is it important to calculate the costs? 

Being informed about the costs you can expect will give you more options. You can compare pricing from different movers or even options where you do some things yourself, like packing for example. This way, you can prepare your moving budget and stick to it. And nobody wants to be surprised by hundreds of extra dollars you haven’t planned on spending, right?

When you’re deciding on a reputable moving company, make sure you check our multiple. You can ask for a moving estimate and compare them to each other so that you can find the best option for you.

How to calculate the cost of your relocation

We have listed the factors such as distance and time which affect your moving costs above, so let’s dive in!

The distance of the move 

This is the main factor which will affect your moving cost. The longer the move, the higher the price. You won’t be able to calculate the costs by distance alone, because they charge local moves and long-distance moves differently. Ask around in different moving companies or search the internet to get an idea about pricing. You can also call up friends and family and ask them how much they paid for their moves. You might just find someone who was in the same situation.

A man and a woman holding a box
With the help of friends, everything is easier!

The complexity of a move

Another important factor that will change your final moving cost. The complexity of your move has to do with any large, special, fragile or complicated items you may have. The price of your move goes up because the movers will need more time, effort, and care to handle your items and complete your move. 

Bonus tip: Make a list with all items that fall under this category and have it ready when talking to potential movers so that you can give them a better idea about the move.

 The time of your move 

Naturally, the busiest season for movers is summer, usually from May to September. During these months, moving prices will go up. This is an important thing to keep in mind when calculating the costs of your relocation. If you don’t have to move in summer, it’s always a better idea to move in autumn or spring. Your movers won’t be as busy and stressed and you just might save a few bucks! However, if you do have to move during the peak, you should count on a higher relocation cost.

Extra tip: If you hire movers in advance, you will be able to save money. Furniture movers Chicago will help you save money and time!

 The number of your belongings

This is where it gets a little bit tricky. You have to think about how many items you have when calculating the cost of your Chicago move. The simplest way to do this is to pack in advance. This way, you will know exactly how many boxes you have and can inform your movers. Another good tip is to declutter before packing. Get rid of all the things you don’t need or use anymore by organizing a yard sale or donating them to goodwill. You will feel a lot better and your move will surely cost less!


Insuring your items may not be absolutely necessary, but many people opt for this. Especially if you have valuables such as antiques or instruments, you might want to insure them against any potential damage. When you sign a moving contract you will receive basic liability coverage of your belongings anyway. But, if you want to fully protect your things, you will have to pay more. It all depends on your needs and what you are willing to pay. 

A piano
Pianos are especially tricky to move!

Additional services when calculating the cost of your relocation to Chicago

Special items like gym equipment, bulky antiques, pianos, and many instruments will require special care and the price of your move is likely to go up. Pianos, for example, are extremely difficult to move and the movers need specialized knowledge on how to move them safely. Make sure you ask about such items and find out what the extra costs will be.

Get a free estimate 

If you want to skip the complicated process of how calculating the cost of your relocation to Chicago, you can get a free estimate at moving quotes Chicago. They will take all of the mentioned factors into consideration and save you all the time and trouble of doing it yourself. Additionally, you can tell them about any concerns you may have or ask them about special items, moving dates, insurance, and everything else! Hiring the right moving company will make your relocation an unforgettable one!

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