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Knowing how to move efficiently and cost-effectively is not something that comes second-nature to people. Simple miscalculations can end up costing you more than you can imagine, especially if moving long distances. Take heed of the following warnings and tell your wallet “you’re welcome.”

– Choose a professional moving company.
Hey, we think we know where you can get one of those! Friends and family are great, but moving is a stressful experience and the chaos and headaches that come with loved ones are detrimental to making everything flow easily. Golan’s movers are trained to make everything as easily and seamless as possible, and on top of that we have the right equipment to make your day stress-free.

– Do not move during rush hour
Save yourself the high blood pressure of sitting in a hot car with a tired family and save yourself the additional hourly rates by avoiding the worst times to drive. Before hitting the road, plan your route and get on the same page with your movers about which way to take to avoid traffic.

– Pack a Survival Kit
No matter the distance you’re going, life brings unexpected surprises. No matter what snags you hit along the way, be sure to have emergency clothes, towels, snacks, toiletries, important documents, a first aid kit, and anything else that you will need on hand.

– Ship your stuff
The U. S. Postal Service has a special rate for books and magazines. Consider having them waiting for you instead of taking up space in the moving van or in your car.

– Save your receipts!
If your moving expenses meet certain criteria you may qualify for a tax break. Call the IRS at 800-829-3676 or read Publication 521, titled “Moving Expenses” to see to you’re eligible.

To avoid moving mistakes, contact Golan’s moving company in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles any time for your local, long distance and international moving services. Golan’s moving and storage company also provides assistance for commercial, piano and auto transport purposes besides household moving!

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