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Relocations usually mean moving all the items that you want to use once you are finished. Well, many people own a piano that they would like to relocate. However, not too many people know how much it costs to actually remove a piano in Chicago. For something like this, you will usually need the help of professional movers Chicago. So, it will boost the price. However, let’s actually see how much will it cost you to relocate your piano to another place. Be as prepared as you can be!

What is the common price of removing a piano in Chicago area?

It is very hard to give you a specific amount that will be something that you can rely on. It is all because there are so many factors that determine the final price of the removal of your piano and moving it to your new home. However, the most common price is between $260 and $600. Yes, it is a big difference between these two numbers but that is just the way it is. Almost no piano movers Chicago will charge you below this number and that is something that you have to accept. However, you should learn some of the things that make the final price of moving a piano in Chicago.

woman counting money in order to remove a piano in Chicago
Everything between these two prices is possible

What are the factors that determine the price when movers remove a piano in Chicago?

As we have said, there are a lot of factors that determine the final price of moving a piano.

  • Distance of the move – not everything is about a piano as you can see. You may have the easiest piano in the world but if you are moving long distance, your price is going to be higher.
  • Type of piano – bulkier and specially shaped pianos are harder to move so the price tends to be higher. Some of those pianos have weird corners that need to be specially protected with packing supplies Chicago so you should not expect this to be that cheap.
  • Size of a piano – the weight plays a major role in determining the final price of the move. If the weight is higher, there will be the need for using moving dollies which will prevent any injuries from happening.
  • The difficulty of the move overall
a scale
Bigger the weight of a piano, the higher the price

Is it worth moving a piano by yourself?

In short, no. There is a good chance that something will go wrong, especially when talking about moving to Chicago. This is a multimillion city with tons of obstacles that you will have to handle. For example, if you are moving during the workweek, there is a high chance that you will get trapped in a traffic jam. Also, if you try and move on your own, there is a chance that you will injure yourself. So, always make sure to use moving services Chicago from the best movers when you need them. There is nothing more important than peace of mind when relocating!

It is not easy to remove a piano in Chicago and this is something that you should know. We have tried to explain how pricing works when moving a piano so that you could use it the next time you are moving it. Of course, you can always get a quote that will tell you the approximate price but you should know that in some cases it will not be a binding estimate!

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