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Moving is a challenging time in one’s life. When it comes to moving with seniors, there are certain things that you ought to keep in mind. If you want to be well-prepared for your relocation and you want things to go smoothly, you should think about some things. Whenever you’re moving with other people, there are things to pay attention to and beware of. However, when you’re moving with the elderly, you need to be extra patient and understanding. If you’re unsure about how to execute this local Chicago move, we’ll give you some tips and tell you what to bear in mind.

Preparing for moving with seniors

Just like with any other move, relocation with seniors requires some preparation. Apart from the obvious things like finding a new home and packing everything, there are a few more things to do in preparation for the move.

A planner
Grab your planner and make a list of things you need to take care of, people you need to notify about the move and dates to remember.
  • Prepare all the needed documents. Documentation is definitely a boring part of the move, but you need to do it.
  • Change your parents’ address and set up the utilities for their new home. This also includes canceling utility services for their current address.
  • Find a good home for your parents. Help them with choosing their new apartment or house and make this process less stressful for them.
  • If your parents are moving to a retirement home, make sure to arrange everything on time.
  • Get all the needed moving boxes Chicago and supplies for the move.
  • Find a good moving company that will make the relocating with seniors go smoothly.
  • Choose a good moving date, ideally between October and May.

Choose the right moving company

While we’re on the topic of preparing for moving with the elderly, we have to mention moving companies. Hiring residential movers Chicago to help you execute the move is always a great idea, but you need to do it carefully. Nowadays, there are countless moving companies and each one is different than the other. You need to make sure you’re making the right choice for you or your parents.

So, we suggest that you help your parents choose the perfect Chicago moving company by doing the research with them. Read the reviews to them, contact different companies and get moving estimates. As you’re probably more tech-savvy than your parents, it would be nice of you to do the research and help them with this step. It would be good to hire a moving company that offers all the services you need, including senior moving. Be careful when choosing movers and avoid hiring fraudulent ones.

You shouldn’t rush things

Leaving enough time to get everything done is the key to a stress-free relocation. When you’re moving with seniors, you need to factor in their feelings. Chances are they are pretty attached to their current home, friends, and environment. It can be difficult for them to say goodbye to their lives and move away.

A pocket watch in the sand - when moving with seniors, it's best to start preparing in advance
Time is crucial if you want a successful relocation and no stress. Don’t rush things and leave stuff for the last minute.

So, the best thing to do is to start planning the move well in advance so that they have enough time to process everything. Besides, leaving things for the last minute only leads to stress and anxiety and no one wants that. Having enough time for everything also minimizes the possibility of making rash decisions and running into problems. If you’ve got time to think things through carefully, you’re leaving less space for moving mistakes.

Be kind and patient

Patience is key, that’s what people say. Well, when it comes to moving with older people, you’ll need plenty of patience. We understand that sometimes it might be difficult to stay calm when you don’t agree with things your parents are saying or doing. However, you should do your best to remain composed and avoid getting into arguments.

That is a stressful time for everyone, so you should keep that in mind and cut your old folks some slack. Be there for your parents, be kind to them and make this process easier for them. Do your best to not get annoyed and lash out. Instead, understand that they might be emotional and scared.

When moving with seniors, you need to be of help

You’re young, you’re capable and therefore you’re supposed to be helpful during the senior relocation. Everybody needs help when they’re moving, especially the elderly. Depending on their age and their health, they might need more or less assistance. Either way, it would be nice of you to be there and help out with anything they need.

Old man's hands
Give your parents a hand to make seniors moving quicker and easier.
  • As we’ve mentioned earlier, you could help them find the right residential movers.
  • You can even help them when choosing the perfect home.
  • Other than that, it would be great if you assist your parents with decluttering their home. Downsizing is something that’s essential in every relocation. If you want to pack and carry less stuff, you need to declutter.
  • Also, it’s a great idea to give your parents a hand while packing. If you decide against getting packing services and you want to self-pack, your parents will need help. Make sure you’re there to help them pack their belongings into boxes and loading them onto the truck.
  • Cleaning the house is a crucial step in the move. So, grab your sponges, rags and cleaning supplies, go over and help get the house clean.

Ready to move with seniors?

So, we’ve come to the end of the list of things you should be aware of when moving with seniors. If you keep these simple things in mind, the relocation is bound to be a success. If things ever get too difficult, take a breather and try to put yourself in the shoes of your elderly. Once you understand where they’re coming from, it will be easier to deal with your differences.

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