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There are usually two types of people. Those that like to live in the moment, relishing and making most of what they have in the present. Then there are those that always plan ahead, constantly thinking about the future, and trying to stay ahead of life. No matter which group you belong to, when it comes to relocation, you might want to rethink your stance. With a relocation coming your way, neither approach will ensure a smooth process. For the best effect, you’ll need to combine bost of these aspects into one successful mix. You will have to plan ahead for every single aspect of your relocation. From finding reliable residential movers Chicago, to maintaining your budget. In addition, you have to be aware of the here and now, in order to finish all of your tasks on time and avoid mistakes. But, when do you schedule your Lincolnwood movers?

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Moving is a complex process that requires forward-thinking

When planning a relocation, hiring and scheduling movers should be among your top priorities, if not the top one. You can’t make a solid moving schedule without knowing when your move is actually going to happen. The only question is when this should be done. With that said, you first need to pick a convenient date and then find reliable movers for the job. Unless you’re moving a small apartment a few streets down with the help of friends, you’ll probably do fine with a DIY move. Otherwise, you’ll have to hire professionals for your moving day. So when exactly should you schedule your Lincolnwood movers? Are two weeks enough? Is a month in advance too early? This is exactly what we’re here to discuss.

It is a good idea to schedule your Lincolnwood movers in advance – here’s why

Long story short, it is best to book your movers as soon as you can, both in theory and practice. Relocating is a complex and drawn out process, which requires a lot of time and preparation. Scheduling your movers Lincolnwood IL early gives you the chance to finish your move-related tasks on time, ultimately making your entire relocation more streamlined. Besides, the sooner you hire a moving crew, the better your chances of getting top tier service on your chosen relocation date. So, as soon as you find the movers that suit you best, book with them immediately. This, in turn, begs the question, when to start looking for movers, and how far in advance to schedule them? This depends on a lot of individual circumstances, which we will discuss below.

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Knowing your moving date is a must before you schedule Lincolnwood movers

The date of your move is one of the most important factors

One of the most important, if not THE most important factors that determine when to schedule your Lincolnwood movers, is the date of your move. If your moving during peak season, you need to book in advance. Late spring and summer are both considered peak season. Then, there are the first and last days of the month, weekends, and national holidays. During all these times, movers are in high demand, so you need to act fast if you want a team of professionals. If this is the case, we advise you to book your movers at least two months before your relocation date. If you wait too long and start looking for a moving crew a few days before the big day, your options will be limited. Given this fact, you may end up with low quality and a high price.

Consider the distance traveled as well

Simply put, the further away you have to move, the earlier you should hire movers. For a quick move across town, it’s fine to book as late as 2 weeks before the move. The job won’t take more than a few hours, so your chosen movers will easily fit it into their schedule. For an intrastate move, you’ll need around 4 weeks of prior notice. This gives the moving company enough time to plan the logistics of the process. Cross-country moves require a bit more time, usually around 8 to 12 weeks. Long-distance moving companies Chicago need extra time to plan everything. From organizing the shipping process to collecting the required paperwork for moving between states. Moving abroad, however, requires a notice of roughly 3 to 4 months in advance. Moving to another country or continent is a long and meticulous process that naturally requires a lot of time.

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Leave your chosen movers enough time to prepare for your relocation

Schedule your Lincolnwood movers based on the complexity of the job

In case you have to move a piano or delicate artwork, you should book movers early on, no matter the distance. Your movers need enough time to check if they have the necessary gear to perform your relocation without issue. Any other additional moving service you may need only extends the period in which you should book movers. Just as before, your movers need to plan ahead and make sure everything is up to standard. You should also keep in mind the number of items you need to relocate. The larger the move is, the more time it requires. Not only that, but it also needs more manpower and equipment. With that said, make sure you hire your movers well in advance, so both you and them can prepare accordingly.

To summarize

Based on everything we’ve covered so far, the best time to schedule your Lincolnwood movers is around 4 to 8 weeks before the moving day. The main reason for such a long period is giving your movers enough time to collect the needed equipment and work out the logistics of your relocation. If you’re moving during peak season, or have special items for transport, you need to give as much advance notice as possible. If you can be flexible with both your moving date and requirements, the less you have to worry about booking in advance. The more you can adapt to the situation, the easier it will be to find good movers capable of accomodating you.

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