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Finding a new home for you and your family is a delicate and long process. It is something that you do not want to rush and you want to do it just right. But, it can be problematic, even in a big real estate market like Chicago. It is all because there are so many properties out there and it can be very hard to see what is good and what is not. So, we wanted to create a house hunting checklist that can give you all the necessary information about what you need to do. After that, you can focus solely on finding the moving company for your needs, like Golan’s Moving & Storage Chicago, and make the arrangement. But, it is a long way before you get to do this!

Here is a house hunting checklist that you should follow

Making sure that you have a househunting checklist is important, and here is the one for you:

  • Location is everything in Chicago
  • Make the budget because housing in Chicago can be high
  • Inspection is a necessity when hunting a house

Location is everything in Chicago

We could look at Chicago as NYC. Those are very similar cities, just in different places. There are also some exclusive locations in Chicago, as well as in NYC. One of the best places to buy your house and live in Evanston. It is a great place both for families and single people. Even though it is a suburb of Chicago, it is just where it needs to be. Out of the wilderness but just close to it when you need it. But, before you make the call and hire an Evanston moving company for moving, you should know that the housing price is about 45% higher than the national average. That can be a lot for some people but look what you are getting in return. Location is everything when looking for a house to buy in Chicago!

Make the budget because housing in Chicago can be high

We have to mention pricing in this checklist about finding the right house in Chicago. As we have already mentioned, the price can be up to 50% or higher than the national average. But, even if you find a place where you can get a house that is around the same price as the national average, like Des Plaines, it does not mean that it will be easy to buy it. You will need to create a thorough financial plan before you engage in any activity regarding buying a property or finding Des Plaines movers. It may sound easy but when we say that it can take up to 300000$ for a new home, it becomes much harder.

a man holding coins
Be thorough when making the budget

Inspection is a necessity when hunting a house

If you want to find the right housing solution for you, inspection is something that you can’t avoid doing. If you can, it should be done with the help of a real estate agent that you choose. They are crucial for finding what you are looking for because they have all the right information that you need. Also, when something catches your eye, you want to have them by your side.

a man and a woman talking about house hunting checklist
A real estate agent will be your best friend when inspecting

After you find your dream house, find the right movers for the job

Finding your house is the first step. But, you now have to move. Make no mistakes here. You want both of these jobs to go perfectly. That is why finding moving companies in Elmwood Park is crucial because they have the experience to help you out and make the perfect transition. Yes, it also takes time to make sure you have the right movers, but it is better to do it all at once than you have some complications.


Even though this house hunting checklist may seem small, it is still quite complicated. You will need a lot of time to handle all of this so do not underestimate the work that you have to do. Finding a new house is a serious job so do not do it inadequately.

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