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Whether this is your first time owning a home or this ain’t your first rodeo, there are certain upkeep rituals that aren’t common sense. Here’s a quick rundown about the little tricks for longevity that slip through the cracks:

– Check your circuit breakers: Circuit breakers are automatic devices that control the flow of electricity in your home. If too much electricity flows through a breaker it automatically shuts off as a safety hazard. Pay attention to this– if your breakers keep tripping, call an electrician. Also, once a year you want to turn all the breakers off and then turn them back on to clear any corrosion.

– Check your bricks: Bricks may look indestructible, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Be sure to check your home’s exterior, especially in the spring after a hard winter, to see if any bricks are cracking or if the mortar holding them together is crumbling apart.

– Caulk: Check your bathtubs, kitchen tiles and everything between to see what needs to be re-caulked. Fresh caulk brings a room together but it also prevents water damage.

– Get on the roof: Loose shingles on the roof mean weather damage and a great hiding place for pests. Don’t wait until the next bad storm to figure out you need some patchwork up there.

– Have an attic? Check your attic for leaks, insulation issues and hiding squirrels (they’re up there). But be careful! If your house is old the floorboards may not be sturdy. If this is the case consider getting it fixed up. Better to spend money on new floors than a hospital visit!

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