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When moving, you will have to take the majority of your items with you. Since every household has at least one bulky item, you will also have to take this with you. But transporting bulky items long distance is not easy. It is so difficult to transport, that many people decide to leave these items behind. Your best shot at transporting these items with ease is hiring Golan’s Moving and Storage. But even if you don’t have the option to do this, that doesn’t mean that there is no hope. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to transport these items over long distances.

How should you be transporting bulky items long distance?

Long distance moves are notorious for being difficult. But sometimes it has to be done, with or without the help of some long distance movers Chicago. Some things you can do to succeed in doing this task are:

  • Take measures
  • Take apart the items that can be disassembled
  • Get help
Picture of a man transporting bulky items long distance
Long distance moves are difficult to do


Bulky furniture is usually heavy, big, and oddly shaped. A lot of effort goes into moving these items, even for some piano movers Chicago. The good thing about them is that they know what they are doing. You should follow their advice and take measures before doing anything else. It would be a bummer to do all that work of moving the items only to find out that they don’t fit into the house, right? Bulky items are usually bigger than most doorframes, and often they don’t fit even through the window. Measure-taking is a must, just to be sure that you don’t put this amount of effort into moving for nothing.


Continuing onto the topic of furniture not fitting, there are some pieces that won’t give you headaches. Many furniture pieces can be taken apart, like coffee tables and wardrobes. But specialty items like pool tables should be left to some pool table movers Chicago. Each piece that you take off will be less weight to carry and smaller dimensions to maneuver with. But it adds an additional piece to care for and prevent loss. Labeling each and taping the screws to the pieces is something that professionals always do. So you should also.

Get help

Sometimes, you should just admit that you cannot do something. Moving is often times one of these situations, especially when moving in a hurry. Even if you cannot afford professionals, your friends and family can at least help you to carry and load the bulky items into the truck. Just make sure to use appropriate attire and shoes and use proper lifting techniques to avoid moving day injuries. It would be a bummer to get a fresh start in a new place with back pain.

A woman giving hand
When transporting bulky items long distance you might need help

When transporting bulky items long distance, keep in mind that you will need plenty of time to prepare. The fact that the items are bulky doesn’t make them unbreakable, so they will need protection. Packing should always be started at least a few months in advance, so dont procrastinate. Good luck!

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