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Even if you are new to the moving industry, or you are moving for the very first time, you probably already know that it is a hard and long process. You might feel like you are losing your mind as the chores start piling all around you! You will find yourself rushing to finish up your paperwork while getting packing supplies and still checking up on your utilities! However, this doesn’t need to be the case! Having a professional company like Golan’s Moving & Storage by your side will make this process easy! All it takes is some proper planning! That’s why today, we are taking a look at how to make the perfect moving checklist for your upcoming move!

Take a lot of time to create your moving checklist

We have already mentioned that moving takes a while. However, you might find this weird. How can a process that takes a couple of moving days to take any longer than, let’s say, a week or two? Well, this is because of all the aforementioned chores that you need to go through. Believe it or not, experts recommend you take anything from two to six months to prepare for the move!

an hourglass
Moving can often feel like a battle against the clock!

This is because the more time you have, the better the moving checklist you will create! Also, you will have more time for actually doing all those chores. Believe us, just finding the right moving boxes Chicago can take a while – let alone everything else you need to do! And even if you wanna do them fast, you will have the time to take a break between them if you plan it all well! Usually, though, people take around eight months to properly prepare – and add a little bit of a breathing room there too.

What should your moving checklist look like

So now that we know just how much time you need to create the perfect moving checklist, let’s look at what you are going to put onto it. Usually, experts recommend that you divide it by the time periods in which you need to do chores. This way, you will know exactly how much you need to speed up the process – or how long you have for rest. And since we are averaging the preparation time to eight weeks, we will show you what falls under which category within this time.

Of course, if you have more time to spare, then we highly encourage you to do so. Giving yourself enough time will let you dive deep into each task. This way, you will do it more thoroughly, and your moving experience will be better. The only thing to remember is to try not to overstress with your move. If you will like you will be under a lot of stress, then make sure you call for our moving services and we will gladly help you!

Eight weeks until the moving day

This is the beginning of the process – and when things start slowly. These tasks are not hard, but there is a lot to do – and it only gets more interesting from here! First, you will need to create a place where you will keep all your paperwork. And there will be a lot of it during the move! This can be either a binder or a Google Drive file – whatever you prefer. This is also where you can keep your moving checklist and come back to it often.

a laptop
Decide if you are going digital or not!

Then, you should start planning your budget. Knowing exactly how much you can spend is a must during any move! After that, contact us to start talking about moving estimates and the moving plan! This is only the start of looking into the future! Once we schedule a moving date, you will need to ask for days off from work and start looking into your children’s schools. You need to figure out all the necessary paperwork for their transfer, as well as how to transport unusual items like pianos, gun safes, and similar stuff.

Six weeks before the move

Six weeks is where things are getting serious. You are basically preparing for take-off now, and you need to make sure things have started rolling. So, while there is still time, meet with your friends and say goodbye. The closer you get to the moving day, the less time you will have for this! Then, start getting packing supplies if you don’t feel like using ours. You should also slowly start packing if you will not be using our packing services. This process is hard and takes time, so you need to start it on time.

Four weeks into your moving checklist

You have now spent four weeks into the moving process, and there is just as much time remaining. Hopefully, you have finished with the biggest stuff – and now you are working on the details. For example, remember to get the moving insurance paperwork in order and file for it now. The same goes for other paperwork – birth certificated, pill prescriptions, school transcripts, etc. Put them all in one place, and keep this with you during the move.

a person looking over paperwork
Make sure all your documents are in order!

Then, you should also research stuff like parking space around your new home. Find new doctors, dentists, vets – and register to vote in your new place of living. All this might seem insignificant, but it’s important for a new life!

Fourteen days before the move!

This is where it gets fun! Use these two weeks to finish up your packing and then update your documents. All accounts and records need to be addressed to your new place of living – and this change sometimes takes time. You should also start planning ahead the meals and medications, as well as to think about your pets and children. Moving day can be hectic, and you will want to find someone to watch over them while you pack stuff on the truck. Then, go back through the moving checklist and see if you missed anything. After that, it’s time to clean up your old home and wait for your movers to arrive!

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