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A lot of people need storage services while relocating. They usually store furniture, clothes, home appliances and devices, and other belongings. However, storing medical equipment is not like that since it requires unique conditions. If your company or local business needs the best storage units Skokie can offer for such equipment, then you have to pay attention to several criteria. Here is some practical advice on which features to look for in storage facilities. We will also tell you how to make sure such goods will receive proper maintenance. 

Prior to storing medical equipment

Before any items arrive at a storage unit, you have to make sure that everything is packed safely. If you experience any issues with it, you can always look for the top-quality service of packing supplies Chicago moving and storing companies can offer. It is always better to let trained professionals take care of the items than to do it yourself

Once your supplies have finished it, you would like to make sure they are transported safely. No matter how well-packed they are, they can easily get damaged. This is particularly the case on their way to the medical equipment storage facility. That’s why obtaining special trucks and hiring qualified drivers is of utmost importance. 

Easy access to medical equipment storage units

Good storage facilities have a well-organized and easy-to-find space. If you are thinking of warehousing medical equipment, you should inspect the storage unit you want to rent. To begin with, you have to make sure the hallways are not too narrow. If the entrance to the unit is from outside, check if it is easily accessible to trucks and vans. 

A storage facility
Make sure the storage facilities you want to rent have a wide space outside for vehicles.

Well-developed security system

No one wants to risk storing their belongings in a place with security threats. It is only reasonable that storing medical equipment requires an environment with ultimate security measures. That means CCTV cameras, good lighting, and 24/7 personnel are a must. Besides, we recommend that you check who has the right to access your units. 

Mind the temperature when warehousing medical equipment

One of the most significant criteria is whether a storage unit is climate-controlled or not. Medical supplies and devices can be really sensitive and susceptible to damages. Due to that, medical equipment storage needs some space where temperature can be controlled. Some items must be in a cold chain, which means inside containers with considerably lower temperatures than the average. Therefore, read the product specifics with high attention. 

What is more, a large number of medical supplies is flammable. It is enough for one item to spread fire over the other products. Then all your equipment might disappear. 

Certain things don’t even have to be in places with controlled temperatures. However, the worst enemy is humidity. So your storage unit must have something to prevent humidity to come in. Needless to say, thick isolation is necessary too. 

Medical products in-storage shelving

A golden rule is that you must not keep that stuff on the floor. For one thing, it’s not hygienic because the goods are exposed to moisture and dust. For another thing, it can easily turn into a terrible mess. That’s where shelves and pallets come into handy. They also come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, you can find typical floor pallets, but also block-stacked pallets or even pallet racks. 

One way of storing medical supplies is by using pallets.

Pallets or shelves?

Choosing the right storage inventory depends on the following factors:

  • the total quantity of goods,
  • the volume of every item,
  • the type of products that are going to be there,
  • the height and width of a unit chosen for storing medical equipment,
  • the way in which the staff will handle and maintain them. 

To illustrate, pallets are useful for packages that come in large bulks. You can move and handle pallets with goods mechanically. They separate products from the floor, which may be damp and dirty. Unpacking and repacking is not necessary.

On the other hand, you can opt for shelves when the volume of stuff is smaller. We agree that warehousing medical equipment requires order. And shelves give a sense that everything is organized. Especially when you put labels. They are also beneficial in that they make use of storage space as much as possible. If you install them, store heavy things at lower levels.  

Medical equipment storage maintenance

The place you have hired has to be clean. Obviously, it’s not oil storage. You are storing medical equipment there. That means hygiene must be at a level higher than the standard. Dust and insects are unacceptable. Not to mention mice or rats. Make sure your storing agency does some cleaning regularly. 

Huge space for storing medical equipment
If you need a huge space, you should choose one that is temperature-controlled, clean, and with separate units.

Furthermore, maintenance may depend on product specifications. For that reason, cleaning service personnel must be familiar with what is inside. If they don’t know such details, it can be dangerous for their health.

Create a plan for storing medical equipment

How do you come to the point of loading those shelves and regular maintenance? What lies behind is a detailed plan. It is up to you how you will draw up such a plan. It has to give answers to the following list of questions.

  • How to group items together based on their similarities?
  • Which type of storing inventory will you need?
  • How much space will you rent based on the volume of products?
  • How can you maximize the usage of that storage space?
  • What kind of maintenance is necessary?
  • Which security and safety measures will you impose?

Last but not least, you should beware of financial issues. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of storing medical equipment process and risk losing your storage space due to your irresponsibility. It is essential to pay for the rent regularly and to stick to all terms and conditions. With the right company and your fair behavior, everything will be good

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